Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy

He sat up, kneeling between my thighs. He looked me over. I trembled under his gaze, wondering what he had in store for me next. The anticipation tortured me as much as any harsh touch he’d given me. I lay at his mercy, and I wasn’t sure he had any. My rugged Marlboro Man looked very dark and dangerous right now, as lawless as any desperado who’d ridden into town at high noon.

Dan ran his hands down my ribs to my tapering waist. Then he let one palm drift lower until it settled on my mound. With the heel of his hand pressed against my clit, he rubbed hard, slow circles.

I moaned as ticklish heat bloomed under his touch. I was barely aware Dan watched my face as he made me take the delicious pressure. Oh heaven help me. It felt so good, and I moved to increase the friction. The heat built swiftly to a boil, bubbling higher and higher. I hurtled up that peak where thought ceased and desire ruled all. My mouth fell open, and I warbled little cries of anticipation. The fuse lit, and I was ready to blow. Ignition in five … four … three … two … one…

Dan’s hand lifted away, stopping the countdown. I hung at the trembling edge of explosion, my insides coiled tight as they could be without snapping.

I forgot myself for a moment, forgot I was a good little submissive who did as she was told to please her master. My hands moved towards Dan’s, and my lips moved to start a protest.

One look from his cold, dark eyes reminded me in a hurry. Though my body quaked with need, I made my arms move back to their position over my head. I bit my lip to quiet the objections that sought escape from my crowded throat.

Dan’s mouth quirked at one corner. “Problem, baby girl?”

I thought, You bet. Your hot body, your talented hands, and your mouth. Problems galore, and I have a feeling my troubles will multiply before you’re done with me.

What I said was, “No, Sir.” It came out between clenched teeth in a childish whine.

He grinned. “I’ll tell you when you can come.”

Oh heck. If I ever wanted to cuss, it was now. “Yes Sir.”

Dan’s gaze left my face to slide down my body. He used the fingers of both hands to spread my sex wide for examination. “So pretty,” he commented, rubbing wetness all over my pussy lips. “Sweet and pink. But not nearly ready for me. Not by a mile.”

I bit down on the whimper that wanted to be voiced.

Dan then worked on my sex the way he had my breasts. His fingers ran about the outside of the sensitive lips and circled my clit, not quite touching that aching nub. He teased and played, making me tremble all over. It felt as if I pumped juices out by the gallon. God, he was killing me.

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