Friday, June 24, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave

The mouth kissing her moved to her ear, the warm breath bringing gooseflesh out all over her body. Gelan’s voice rumbled. “You have no idea of how beautiful you are, do you? How stunning your body is, how wonderful you taste?”

“I’m small up top,” she protested. “I’m tall for a woman, I have a big butt, wide hips, and I’m awkward.”

“Your breasts are perfect,” Krijero growled, releasing the mound he’d been teasing unmercifully. “Flawlessly formed and sensitive. There’s not one damned thing wrong with these.” His mouth covered the other breast, sucking hard either to underscore his words or to punish her for hers. Dani groaned in reaction to the darts of pleasure coursing from his mouth to her clit, still adoringly tongued by Wynhod.

Gelan paused nibbling her earlobe to add, “Tall is good. So many of your kind are tiny, insubstantial creatures. I couldn’t touch any of them for fear of breaking one.” He looked into her eyes. “I love your round buttocks because I can fill my hands with them. These hips are perfect for cradling my big body. You have nothing – nothing – to dislike about yourself.”

Dani heard more of the praise in his tone than his words, because Wynhod was doing things to her that claimed the majority of her attention. He pressed a second finger into her core, and his hard teeth scraped over her clit, setting off firecrackers of sensation stuttering through her body. She arched against the solid bulk of the men on top of her, the heels of her feet digging into the soft dirt of the cave floor. She ground out a cry between clenched teeth.

“How close, little Dani?” Gelan whispered. His hand circled the column of her throat.

Wynhod scuffed his teeth against her straining nub again, and everything below her waist seized. Dani wailed a little, orgasm sidling close before easing back a half step. She trembled all over, a tiny antelope within a hairsbreadth of the jaws of a hungry lion. 

Panting, every cell of her being on the verge of cataclysm, she managed to answer. “Close. Almost – almost.” She couldn’t say anymore. Words were beyond her as she waited for the final strike.

Gelan’s other hand cradled the top of her head, holding it still as he peered into her face. “I’m going to watch your face as you come. I want to see every single spasm that you feel.”

He didn’t have long to wait. A second later Wynhod’s teeth closed over her clit, trapping it for his rasping tongue to rub intimately.

The climax sprang, overwhelming her with its ferocity, consuming her in its scorching maw. Dani jerked and screamed, torn asunder with ecstasy that fed and fed and fed on her. Gelan’s blue-purple gaze riveted on her face as she shrieked against the beast gorging itself on her agonized bliss.

It pulled her inside out, feasting on her most delicate parts with frenzied bites. There was nowhere to retreat to, no way to defend herself from the ravaging. She could only surrender herself to it as consumed her utterly.

After awhile the savage feast slowed, the climax taking more delicate bites as its appetite found satiety. As it took its last relishing licks, Dani found herself looking into Gelan’s dark face. His cat’s pupils had widened, almost swallowing the irises. He breathed fast through parted lips.

“Beautiful,” he whispered to her. “Don’t ever think you’re not.”


  1. I really enjoyed the series. But when the next book in series is due out?

    1. I will work on the 11th book next year.

  2. One of my favorites clans! Loved their Clan Beginnings book, and then meeting their matera. I hope Clan Glean will make a cameo in one of your future books. Please.

    1. I keep hoping for that too, because you know I love those guys. I do wish they'd peek in. Maybe we'll get lucky one of these days.