Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 4: Alien Salvation

Lindsey felt Bacoj’s warm breath on her face the instant before he spoke.

“Open your mouth, slave.”

She’d been clenching her teeth together in the effort to keep quiet. Vax and Japohn’s continued manipulations were driving her crazy, bringing her to the edge of rapture, and then backing off to deny the heady fall. Lindsey was afraid of the sounds she’d make if she obeyed Bacoj, but there was no disputing his order. She parted her lips and hoped for the best.

Her breaths came with tiny whimpers. While continuing to hold her wrists in the manacle of one fist, the Dramok twisted her hair in his other. He pulled gently, tilting her head back towards him. His cat-scratchy tongue flicked over her lips and ventured into her mouth where it dipped and explored.

Vax’s teeth scraped one breast, sending darts of painful pleasure to Lindsey’s core. It took everything she had to not thrust towards him for another nip. And what Japohn was doing to her nether regions … she thought she might go insane from the teasing touch of his fingertip on her clitoris and from the thick organs seated so beautifully within her.

The struggle to remain quiet beneath her tormentors was growing too hard. Mouths, tongues, hands all over her, a banquet of sensual pleasure that gave no sustenance, not when just as she neared completion they slowed the feed. Lindsey had gone beyond aching for release. She thought she’d die from want of it.

Please let me, please let me, her mind gibbered as once again she felt pleasure swell within her overwrought body. Bacoj’s sweeping tongue in her mouth, Vax’s nips and pinches on her hard nipples, and Japohn’s wet fingertips swirling around her distended nub brought the sweet dissolution nearer. 

Oh yes. Here it was, close enough to claim with just one more brush on her clit…

Japohn’s hand left her, as did Vax and Bacoj’s mouths. Lindsey’s body thrummed with anguish as the men once more denied her.

Steady. Obey. They won’t torture me forever.

Will they?

As soon as her breath lost its whimpering edge, the torment resumed. Lips sealed to Lindsey’s, and a tongue tasted the entirety of her mouth. Another tongue swirled around the peak of her breast, then teeth closing over the tip while the rough wet flesh flicked across it. And a calloused finger drawing circles all around the straining nubbin of eager desire. Heat built anew, pulsing brighter and brighter, quickly suffusing her. Lindsey trembled, and ecstasy swept near, approaching her at a gallop, rushing quickly now, almost upon her, oh sweet heavens, here it was…

They withdrew again.

It. Was. Too. Much.

Lindsey’s wail came all the way from her aching core. “Please, please, please, please…” she kept saying the word over and over until her breath ran out. She drew in another to continue begging, beyond shame.

“Lindsey.” Japohn’s flat voice stalled the attempt.

“Yes, Nobek?” She didn’t try to keep the sob out of her voice.

“You disobey, slave.”

“Please.” Lindsey had nothing else to offer. She was completely at their mercy and they knew it. They could make her suffer for eternity if they wanted and there wasn’t a damned thing she could do about it. Desire beat against her with desperate fists. She’d never known such need.

“Please, Nobek. Please, master.”

A long pause. Then finally, “Yes, slave. You have enough.”

Bacoj released her wrists, and Lindsey sensed him and Vax move away as Japohn shifted. The Nobek’s body descended over hers, cloaking her in his hard heat. She kept her eyes closed as his mouth seized hers in a demanding kiss.

Japohn drew back and plunged back in, and Lindsey suddenly found the elusive rapture they’d denied her. She arched beneath him, crying out over and over as the massive Kalquorian rode her, sending her into the stratosphere with his powerful thrusts.  She felt him jerk inside her sheath as she milked him for every precious drop.

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