Friday, May 6, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 10: Alien Hostage

              The biggest man smiled down at her. “Now you will serve our needs. You will give us your body for our pleasure.”
              A stab of hunger plunged deep into Tasha’s gut. “Yes,” she whispered.
              Her skirt went the way of her blouse, pulled apart by coarse, demanding hands. She lay exposed beneath the three hulks. Her body lit with eagerness. 
              The scarred man pushed his companions aside, making them move so he could crouch between Tasha’s legs. They laughed at his enthusiasm even though their loincloths showed obvious arousal. He smirked in wordless reply. Then Scarred Savage grabbed Tasha’s lightly tanned thighs, his fingers indenting soft, malleable skin. He drew her plump legs apart. His breath caught as he stared at her exposed pussy, wet and blushing with need.
              Scarred Savage liked what he saw. The pungent aroma that reminded Tasha of cinnamon rolled off him in a tidal wave. A rumble of a growl vibrated his chest. His purple eyes lit with fire. He half-swooped, half-collapsed down, burying his face in her crotch.
              Tasha cried out as he mouthed her hungrily. His rough, raw silk tongue swept over tender flesh, scooping up the wetness that flowed. Molten pleasure leapt through Tasha’s body at the feeling of him there. She started to flail only to find the other two men held her pinned to the furred cushion. The vulnerable position fed her desire, making every cell light.
              Scarred Savage licked and sucked at her womanhood, his enjoyment voiced through muffled chuffing sounds. He was frenzied in his oral pleasuring. The rough mouthing was what Tasha liked best – violent and demanding.
              The other two men had been watching their companion enjoying his feast. They turned their attention to her, settling on either side of her, each imprisoning a wrist next to her head. Their wet, open mouths found other body parts to pleasure.
              The slightest of the three sealed his lips to Tasha’s, his tongue sweeping into her mouth to taste her. He plundered her with the kiss, seeking every nuance with a knowledge that made her tremble. His hand squeezed her breast, first gently and then harder. She responded to the heady ache by thrusting the mound up into his hand, begging for more. He chuckled into her mouth. He pinched her nipple hard and she writhed at the pleasurable stab of pain.
              The third man was at the other breast, sucking with abandon at the heavy tit that overflowed his mouth. His tongue, every bit as deliciously rough as his companions’, rubbed over the tip to turn it pebble hard. His teeth closed over the erect point, bringing as sweet a pain as the other man’s pinching.
              Scarred Savage drew Tasha’s swelling clit into his mouth. At the same time, he pressed two thick fingers against her female opening. The big-knuckled digits shoved in deep. Tasha kicked the air as he filled her. His fingers drove in and out, fucking her. His wicked tongue lashed her clit, sending a tide of gooseflesh to cover her skin. Her whole body flushed with sensual heat as her pussy yielded to the invasion. A third finger pried her open further, demanding entrance as well. The added girth rubbed the most sensitive place in her feminine sleeve, sending roiling heat swirling through her belly. She screamed into the slightest man’s mouth.


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