Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 2: Alien Rule

She was helpless to resist when the men stretched her upon the altar, her head at the end opposite of where Michaela was being claimed.  The Plasians would have an unencumbered view of both Earthers being ravished, and they cheered louder than ever.

“Now this will be a dance!” she heard Israla call, and more cheers showed the people’s agreement.
Clajak grasped the chain between Jessica’s cuffs and pulled them over the edge.  The clatter of metal against metal told her he had secured her to one of the hooks.  She was helpless to deny the Kalquorians anything they might wish to use her body for.  Her sex gushed in anticipation.

Egilka appeared next to her, a handful of flowers in each fist.  He set the bouquets on either side of her head.  The fragrance coated the air around her, and Jessica had no choice but to breathe it in.  She submitted to the eagerness of her body with a defeated moan.

The Kalquorians stripped beneath the stare of the stone god to the delighted shouts of the onlookers.  Jessica licked her lips, trembling with need as she gazed on the three magnificent bodies surrounding her.

Clajak gripped her by her upper arms and slid her across the slab until her head hung over the edge.  His engorged cocks pointed at her face.  “Open your mouth,” he said.

She obeyed, eager to taste him.  Holding the two organs together in his fist, Clajak guided them both between her lips, holding her by the back of her head.  Jessica closed her eyes, inhaling the cinnamon scent of him that was every bit as intoxicating as the flowers that surrounded her.  She flushed with embarrassment, knowing hundreds of pairs of eyes were watching her accept his sexes in such a manner.  Still, she couldn’t help but moan with delight as he made her take him.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could to accept both penises.  The skin was soft and smooth over the rigid iron that pulsed with its own life.  The Dramok prince pressed in far, reaching into her throat before backing out again.  His movements were slow and deliberate, as if he would spend hours enjoying the warmth.

While Clajak fucked Jessica’s mouth, the other men yanked her costume off.  A strong hand grasped one of her thighs and lifted it high, opening her so that the gathered crowd could view her sex.   Fingers parted her folds, displaying her much as Michaela had been.  Jessica whimpered, knowing everyone could see how wet and eager her flesh was.  Her belly quivered in anticipation even as fear tried to clench it tight. 

Holding her open, the man inserted his finger, slipping in and out for the entertainment of the assembled Plasians.  Another pair of hands caressed her breasts as Clajak continued to couple with her mouth.  Shouts and applause rewarded the show the Kalquorians put on.

The finger withdrew from Jessica’s wet core, and the bulk of a man’s hips settled between her legs.  His sexes homed in on the orifices they were made for.  She groaned as he filled her with himself and heard appreciative comments of how flexible she must be to accept Bevau’s massive endowment. 

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