Friday, April 1, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – First Mataras: Michaela (M/I/M/M)

Renewed ardor sparked, to Michaela’s surprise. She had thought herself completely satisfied. However, as Korkla continued to kiss her and Raxstad’s eager mouth warmed her breasts, fresh excitement filled her senses while Govi filled her ass and cunt.

Her cock stirred. A ticklish pleasure wafted through that part, filling it slowly. Govi apparently noticed it twitching, because his hand closed around it. Excitement burgeoned in the heat of his grasp, and Michaela went firm.

She moaned helplessly into Korkla’s mouth as Govi stroked her up and down. He filled her, fucking her as a woman and pleasuring her as a man. Korkla and Raxstad’s weight on and against her kept her still for the Imdiko. His arms pinned her legs to his sides, not allowing her to do more than twitch.

Michaela gasped to already be fully aroused once more. The men played her body as if they knew everything about her. When Korkla released her from his kiss, she stared at him with wide, disbelieving eyes. 

He smiled as if he knew exactly how perfectly they tormented her. “Does it feel good, my love?” the Dramok asked.

“How – how?” she choked. She wanted to ask him how they knew exactly what to do to enthrall her. None of the numerous fantasies Michaela had concocted had ever hinted at how wondrous sex could actually be.

Raxstad released the breast he sucked enthusiastically to grin at her and Korkla. “You have to love the youngling libido,” he chuckled. 

“Govi’s abilities are not to be downplayed either,” the clan leader said. “How does she feel, my Imdiko?”

Govi did not answer with words. His heavy-lidded gaze and big smile did that for him. Raxstad and Korkla laughed.

Michaela did not laugh. Her senses were too full of the Imdiko’s lovemaking.

His hips not only swung back and forth as he fucked her, but gyrated in tight circles as well. The friction against inner surfaces was mindblowing. Korkla and Raxstad had found incredibly sweet spots within her pussy and ass and had delighted those portions with steady strokes in and out. However, Govi’s added circular motion put intense pressure upon sensitive places, pressure that made her emit tiny shrieks with every breath. She felt as if she experienced mini-climaxes every few seconds. Even so, tension built in her lower belly, readying for another big boom.

Added to that was the firm fist gliding up and down her prick. Heaviness filled Michaela’s scrotum, weighing it down as pleasure swirled deep in her loins. Govi’s hand was tight and warm, pumping her in time with his thrusts into her pussy and ass. Everything below her belly button rioted, growing vicious with demand. It overwhelmed Michaela, making her feel crazy. She had the absurd need to escape from the three men before they could destroy her through ecstasy.

She struggled to break free, pushing against Korkla and Raxstad’s chests while trying to kick loose from Govi. The men held her easily. They spoke words that soothed and frightened as they continued to drive her beyond the point of endurance.

“Easy, little one. Lie still for your fucking.”

“You’re not going anywhere. Not until you’ve come for your Imdiko.”

“Nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. Let it happen, Michaela.”

A fissure opened up inside her, ready to spill her life’s force out. Michaela quaked under the excruciating assault as fire licked through her, ready to devour. She couldn’t move away from the coming devastation. She couldn’t run.

“That’s right. No escape, not from us.”

“Feel those cocks inside you, ready to fill you with cum. Feel that hand on your cock, milking you.”

“Let it go, little love. Give in to us.”

Something deep inside Michaela’s pussy seized. At the same time, the lava boiled up from her balls, shoving a steaming river up through her cock. Her body strained, her back bowing in a curve against the strength of Korkla and Raxstad. She erupted, sending hot fluids out to shower on her belly. She screamed and Govi answered with a hoarse shout as he too succumbed to pleasure.

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