Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown (M/M)

              The Imdiko trembled under Clajak’s careful taking. Just when he thought his wayward prince a crass, selfish bastard, Clajak showed the kinder side that endeared him to so many. Egilka thought he might never figure out his intended Dramok.
              As the girth of Clajak’s lower prick grew, Egilka groaned with heightened sensation. Exciting friction rubbed his interior hotspot even as his entrance protested the taking. Clajak’s hand whipped up and down his primary cock inciting heat and growing rapture. His other arm circled Egilka’s waist, holding him for the taking and offering reassurance and support.
              Clajak’s voice in his ear told Egilka the prince watched his every reaction. “Look at you. Did you know you are a beautiful man when passion takes hold of you? I look forward to seeing this face every night in my bed. I vow to put that look on your face as often as possible, my Imdiko.”
              Egilka panted as Clajak pumped in and out of his ass, his primary gliding a wet trail in the crevice of his buttocks. The prince fucked and fondled him, his experienced touch making the Imdiko’s head swim. Now there was only pleasure, only heightening rapture, ushering him towards exalted culmination. His hips rocked in animal instinct, taking Clajak deeper inside, inviting possession – begging for conquest.
              Clajak’s hot breath wafted into his ear. From there it found Egilka’s spine to zap fire down its length. “That’s it, my Imdiko. You give me such a sweet ass for my cock to fill. I want you to come for me now. Just let it go, Egilka. Shoot your load for me. Come for your Dramok.”
              The voice was low, but the demand of his clan leader was not to be denied. With a ringing cry, the clenched need in Egilka’s groin unfurled. It jetted free of him in shattering bursts, splatting against the tile he braced against. His cocks throbbed with one seizure after another as they strove to empty him. He sobbed Clajak’s name with every lightning strike of ecstasy that passed from his loins.
              As the paroxysms dwindled to shiver-instigating ripples, Clajak groaned low in his throat. Egilka felt the prince’s cocks throb, one within and one nestled tight in his crack. New heat surged against his spine as Clajak spent himself on his back. The Dramok hugged Egilka tight against his belly and chest as he climaxed.

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