Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

“You look beautiful wearing my marks,” he said, his tone deep with appreciation.  His hands swept over her body, making her irritated flesh ache.  Raven arched into his touch and moaned.

Vendeen unbuckled the harness and tossed it over on top of the flogger.  He carefully removed the vibrator.  Feeling it slip from her folds made Raven moan again.  The friction of it moving through her engorged pussy sent ecstatic shivers through her belly.  She felt horribly empty when it was gone.
The removal of the butt plug made her feel positively hollow.  However, Vendeen’s tone was quite pleased.  

“So open.  So ready for me no matter how I decide to enjoy you.  You are beautiful, my servant.”

The bed beneath Raven’s knees shifted as Vendeen moved to kneel between her thighs.  His cock went right to her pussy, as if drawn by a magnetic force.  It centered on her entrance.  It was all she could do to not rear back and sheath him.

Vendeen did that himself, suddenly ramming hard and tight inside.  Raven grunted with the force, but she felt no pain.  All she felt was the thick ramrod of flesh rubbing with exciting demand over the most sensitive part of her sheath.  It soothed the void left behind by the vibrator.  It felt like her pussy was trying to suck him in even deeper.  Her cry was a glad welcome.

Vendeen pounded against her, fucking her hard.  His hand circled her hips and shoved her back onto him while he simultaneously drove in.  Their bodies clapped together with sharp sounds.  The friction against her hot spot was merciless.  Within seconds, Raven’s cries grew louder and higher pitched.  Her gut was spiraling tight, coiling in on itself as it gathered for explosive release.  Her pussy clutched desperately at Vendeen’s cock, holding it tight as if to prevent it from escape.  

She could feel his sweat dripping onto her back making the welts he’d left sting.  Her pussy drew up tight, bright surges of elation pulsing with every thrust of the cock inside it.  The surges were coming faster, lasting longer, closing in on each other.  She was getting ready to come.  Her body reached for it, strained to get to that moment where it was all just one glorious heaving sensation.  That final pull was happening, beginning to clutch tight like a fist.  The first sparkle of brightness appeared before her eyes.

Like before when Raven had been so close to climax, Vendeen halted.  His cock yanked free of her, leaving her quaking on the edge of the abyss.  Her desperate scream rang through the room.

He ignored her agony.  His cock centered on her anus and pushed in.  Vendeen fucked her ass every bit as enthusiastically as he had her pussy.  The anal plug had left Raven well stretched, so there was only the slightest of discomfort.  Certainly it hurt less than the marks he’d left all over her skin.  They were beginning to truly throb, but it still only added to the excitement roiling in her gut.  She was so close.

Vendeen grunted like an animal as he rutted against her.  “Who is your master?”

“You are,” she gasped.  Raven’s excitement spiked at his words and her response, aroused to give herself to him.

“Who owns your body?” he persisted.

“You do.”

He moved faster and harder.  The friction in her ass was somehow transmitting straight to her sex, making things coil tight until she felt something in her core begin to fray.  Damn, she thought she might come from him fucking her ass.  

“Who owns this pussy and ass?”

Raven’s voice wavered high in the air.  “You own them.”  Heat was definitely spilling through the wall between her two sheaths.  She was going to come.

“And you give all of yourself freely?”

“Yes sir.”

“You may come now.”

He grabbed her swollen clit, rubbing it between finger and thumb.  Carnal ecstasy raged through Raven’s guts, finally billowing loose from the heavy knot of her sex.  Her pussy clenched tight and bulged open, drew in again and released.  The muscular spasms were accompanied by molten waves of sheer elation.  Raven cried out with every convulsion, shaking violently beneath Vendeen as he continued to ply her ass.

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