Friday, March 4, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call –Sister Katherine

He knelt between her legs, much as Simdow had.  However, the Nobek propped her ankles on his shoulders, making her toes point at the ceiling.  He entered her carefully, slowly, his expression telling Katherine he relished every moment of it.  For her part, Katherine found the slow, creeping invasion enthralling.  She felt every delicious inch of him press into her sex and anus.  The awareness made her tremble all over.  She’d never been so intensely conscious of anything happening to her body before.

When Miv’s body met hers, he stopped and looked at where they joined.  He took a deep, shuddering breath.  “My Matara,” he whispered.  “We are one.”

Katherine saw how much it meant to him.  This was beyond sex, beyond fulfilling a lustful mating urge for Miv.  His expression was rapturous, as if he witnessed a miracle.  Perhaps for a Kalquorian who’d been seldom graced with the presence of females, it was a true blessing.

A civilization, on the brink of disappearing.  No wonder they were so desperate.  Wouldn’t Earth have been, in their place?

She knew it to be true.  The Church would not have argued against sullying the pure Earther created in the image of God.  Had their situations been reversed, they too would have decided abduction of breed stock to be excusable.  Anyone would.

That realization more than any other made Katherine smile at Miv and accept him and the others fully.  Without any hesitation, she said, “Yes, my Nobek.  We are one.”

He swallowed and closed his eyes.  “Thank you, my Katherine.”

She was moved by how deliberate his lovemaking was.  Miv kept her calves clasped tight to his chest as his hips swung back and forth, slipping in and out with measured thrusts.  This huge, scarred, brutal-looking man proved the tenderest of them all.  Nothing of his primal nature showed as he took his unhurried pleasure with Katherine.  For her part, she reveled in the lingering climb to passion.   They might have had forever to sate their desire from the way Miv took such delicate care of her.  

Just because he chose to be gentle did not mean Miv eschewed being demanding.  Even as he rocked slowly against Katherine, his fingers found her clitoris.  At first he drew circles around it with a light, barely-there touch.  Tiny splinters of arousal sank into that sensitive flesh until she wriggled in a desperate attempt to force contact.  Miv only chuckled.  But when she reached for his hand, he gave her a frown that froze her in place.

“Perhaps my Dramok or Imdiko will restrain our eager Matara?  She wishes to take what I am not ready for her to have quite yet.”

Both men converged on Katherine, each one grasping a dainty wrist and pinning her arms to the bed.  She stared up at them, surprised.  

“Much better,” Miv said.  His hips continued to sway, his fingers to tease.  The one brown arm held her legs prisoner against his body.  With Simdow and Vadef restraining her arms, she had no way to move.

Somehow, being so helpless made everything Miv did more compelling.  Katherine’s arousal leapt stronger than ever, and she strained against the men.  They held her effortlessly, compounding the effect.

She panted, every breath ending in a little cry as Miv swung his hips back and forth and his fingers endlessly circled.  The Nobek watched as she suffered with pleasure, his eyes half-lidded and a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.  The more she tried to squirm, the louder her moans, the more satisfied he became.  Katherine realized he liked being in control of her.  He liked seeing her strain to meet him, to watch her agonize over the thrills he gave and denied.

Most shocking of all, she liked it too.

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  1. This was the first book of yours I read. Still my favorite.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really liked writing that story.