Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged

The lightest of touches, so ephemeral she almost didn’t register it at first, traced the outer lips of her sex.  Elisa was amazed that someone with Zemos’ presence could be that gentle.  She felt the heat of his fingertips more than actual pressure as he outlined her pussy.  The sensation brought fizzy tingles to her intimate flesh.  

“So pretty,” Zemos told her.  “I like seeing how the pink of the inner folds blushes as I touch you.  I think I will shave you once we have been rescued and given private quarters.  The hair is lovely, but I would enjoy seeing you smooth.”

Elisa didn’t know what to think of that.  It sounded strange that he would want her pubic curls gone, yet titillating as well.

Zemos’ careful exploration continued.  He spread her outer lips wider, slipping fingertips into the crevices between them and her inner petals.  “Wet, my little Elisa.  Are you eager for my touch, precious girl?”

A fine trembling had broken out all over her body as heated prongs of need stabbed deep into her core.  The sound she made in response was like that of a small bird, a strange warbling she’d never made before.

“I see you are.  No, I don’t want you to let your legs close.  Just relax for me.  Good girl.  I’m taking care of you.  You have nothing to do but enjoy.”

The heat in Elisa’s sex climbed, filling her belly.  Zemos now stroked her inner lips, the raspy callouses of his fingers creating a delicious friction that tied her in knots.  She moaned a wordless plea.

“That’s it.  Keep your eyes closed.  I want you to shut out your sight so you can concentrate on how it feels.  Just stay with the sensations.  There is nothing else to do.”

One finger went down the center of her slit, opening the inner lips of her pussy.  Elisa cried out, her hips jerking upward.  Zemos’ grip on her tightened.

“Easy, sweetling.  That was a nice one.”

His touch moved down until he reached her opening.  Elisa felt her body straining, anticipating his finger entering her.  For a moment, Zemos hesitated there, as if contemplating that very thing.  Instead, it traveled back up, smearing a honeyed trail in its wake.

“So enthusiastic.  How lovely they did not succeed in repressing your body’s needs.”

His finger stopped again, just beneath Elisa’s clit.  Her breath caught and held.  It felt as if her every nerve ending had gathered in that tiny nub and begged for the Dramok to stroke her there.  He chuckled.

“No, you are not reluctant in the least.  Poor little thing, you have so much time to make up for.”
Zemos drew lazy circles around her clitoris, rubbing all about to torment Elisa with that almost-there touch.  Her legs drew up and kicked out a little as her knotted guts coiled tighter still.  She bit on her lower lip.

She heard the smile in Zemos’ voice.  “Would you like an orgasm, Elisa?”

The groan came from deep down.  “Yes.”

“Ask me for it, sweetling.  Ask very nicely.”

Elisa didn’t hesitate for an instant.  “Please, Zemos, would you give me an orgasm?”

His arm holding her to his body tightened once more.  “Yes, little one, I will.  Just lay still for me.”

Zemos stopped circling the throbbing nub, his finger and thumb closing on it as if to pinch.  Elisa felt as if her clit had gone fat and engorged, and so intensely sensitive.  She cried out as the Dramok stroked up and down on it.

“That’s it.  Let it go, Elisa.  Come for me.”

She jerked in his grip as he caressed her clit, sending fevered desperation deep into her core.  Her cries grew louder as Zemos rubbed, sending stomach clenching bliss through her.  He held her still for the most part, keeping her an enthralled prisoner as he drove her towards ecstasy.

“You’re getting close, sweetling.  Almost there.  That’s it.  Let it happen.”

The tumult grew sharper, brighter.  It was nearly on her, the sensation of knots within fraying, breaking free.  Here it came, tearing loose now, her senses flying wide open.  A huge, heaving convulsion clenched her tighter once more for a brief instant.

Whiteness flared behind Elisa’s closed eyelids.  Climax rumbled through her body; captured thunder drumming free.  Then everything clutched inside again only to fly apart again. 

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