Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire (M/M)

Before he could worry over the ramifications of that, Rajhir grabbed his prick.  Flencik yelped as sizzling sensation filled his groin.  His hips jerked, and he clutched Rajhir’s thighs.

“Easy,” Rajhir said.  “Relax, Flencik.  Just a moment more, and you’ll be inside me.”

Flencik panted.  Feeling the Dramok’s fingers around him was almost enough to release the climax he’d been denied earlier.  The little bit of lucidity he’d regained had fled with that touch.

Rajhir crooned to him as he placed the tip of Flencik’s cock against his asshole.  “Calm down.  I know you want this, so keep control a little longer.  That’s it.  Good, Imdiko.  Deep breath.  Hold it just one second.  Let it out.  Okay, here we go.”

The Dramok lowered, impaling himself on Flencik’s length.  Gorgeous pressure surrounded his livid cock as he was sheathed inside tight warmth.  Heat surged in his secondary prick and Flencik fought with everything he had to not yank Rajhir down.

“Easy.  Concentrate on breathing, Flencik.  Focus on that, not the rest.”

Flencik tried to listen to the commanding voice and his breath.  He stared into Rajhir’s face, noting the tightness around his lover’s mouth.  The Imdiko was a big man, and he knew that though Rajhir had stretched himself with the plug, he still had to go slow to adjust to Flencik’s girth.  

That Rajhir gave himself in this way flooded Flencik’s heart with adoration.  He knew in that instant he was lost.

It gave him the strength to resist the climax that tried to happen.  This was not a small demonstration on the Dramok’s part.  He might not be in love with Flencik, and he might never make the offer to clan.  Yet there had to be some real inclination in that direction or Rajhir would not be making the effort he was.  It was that simple.

At last Rajhir was seated on Flencik’s groin, having absorbed the entirety of his endowment.  His jaw was tight, but he smiled anyway.  “How do I feel, Imdiko?”

Flencik reached up to caress that beautiful face.  “Like paradise, Rajhir.  Thank you for letting me have such an amazing gift.”

Rajhir’s smile grew to one of real delight.  “You really are too good for me.  Let’s see if I can keep you too busy to realize that.”

He lifted his hips, releasing Flencik slowly, gorgeously.  The Imdiko groaned to slide through that tight grip.  He writhed beneath his lover, battling to remain in control.

“Oh yes,” Rajhir whispered.  “Feel me holding you, clenched all around you.  I bet you don’t last three strokes.”

Flencik gritted his teeth, feeling a flash of aggression at the challenge.  “I say five.  It will fucking kill me, but I can hold off for five strokes.  Winner gets sucked off to orgasm next time we get together.”

“Oh, a competitive Imdiko.  That’s exciting.  I’ll take that bet.  What happens if you lose it on the fourth stroke?”

“I don’t know.  Call it even and have a sixty-nine?”

Rajhir laughed.  “Done.”

He plunged down, taking Flencik deep and fast.  The Imdiko’s mouth yawned wide with a soundless bellow as his lower body seized with a contraction.  Cum boiled in his secondary cock and started to move up, shoving towards his primary.

Rajhir grinned.  “Oh yeah.  I’m going to win.”

His ass bounced up and down, stroking Flencik without mercy.  A stream of fire shoved its way past the clenched knot between the Imdiko’s cocks.  He howled and pushed at Rajhir.  The Dramok grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the ground.  His face lit with triumph.

“I’ve got you now.  Here you come.”

Rajhir raised his hips and paused for an instant before his ass swallowed Flencik’s cock once more.
The molten river slid inexorably into Flencik’s larger prick, licking its way down to the tip.  It moved to the threshold of expulsion, just a hairs-breadth from streaming into Rajhir’s flesh.

“Son of a bitch.  Well, a mutual suck-off is a decent consolation prize.  You are coming right now though.”

Rajhir released Flencik to the tip and engulfed him once more.  The tight, clenching confines of his passage, so hot and soft, drove against his sensitized flesh with friction that would not be denied.

Something kicked deep in Flencik’s core.  The fiery stream of cum blasted through his prick, shooting deep into Rajhir’s ass with a force that made the Imdiko scream.  Pulse after pulse of brutal elation spurted out, releasing with explosive power.  Flencik felt himself shatter under its terrible energy.

Rajhir continued to ride him, flexing the tight channel that encased him, milking him dry of every drop.  He didn’t stop until Flencik lay limp beneath him, his breaths coming in weak sobs.

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