Friday, February 5, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – The Font

“You know what I want,” he whispered against her lips, and with a shiver Naya bent her legs up and out, capturing her knees to open herself to him.

Before accepting her offering Elisha bit into her breast, suckling blood as a babe might its mother’s milk.  He didn’t take much, just enough to make Naya squirm with the erotic thrill of him feeding on her.  Then he did the same with her other breast, and she moaned.  He moaned back and smiled at her, his silken tongue working to catch the scarlet trails seeping from the punctures.

“So that’s what it feels like,” he said.  He’d never been bitten by a lover before and had no idea how erotically thrilling it could be.  Their linked minds were teaching them both so much.

His attentions moved down, and Elisha’s fingertips brushed her nether lips.  Naya shuddered all over as heat suffused her body.  

“Hold very still for me, my love,” he commanded her.  “I wish to know how it feels for you, where you are most sensitive.”

“Yes, Elisha,” she whimpered, though she ached to somehow overpower him, to throw him back on the bed and claim his eager manhood with her body.

He chuckled, his natural dominance surging as she acknowledged her inability to make him do as she wished.  “Poor Naya.  Is it so terrible to be subject to my whims?”

Knowing just what his whims were and how he would wield his gentle tyranny made Naya laugh back.  “No, it’s not.  But it would be nice for you to get a taste of your own medicine!”

“But I will.  I will feel every second of your sweet anguish as I torment you.  I will suffer as you do.”

Naya sighed and closed her eyes in surrender.  “Do as you will, then.”

For the next half hour, perhaps longer – it felt like it went on for an eternity – Elisha tortured her with fingers, mouth, and tongue.  Her softest flesh was awash in juices as she made herself perfectly motionless for his minute explorations.  And he left nothing untouched, learning from her open mind how the rim of her outer lips trembled when his fingers traced their outline, how his tongue on her inner lips made her gush with more honey, how his tongue stabbing into her opening made everything inside clench tight.  Even her anus was gently evaluated, and both gasped with the shock of sensation his exploration prompted.

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