Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conviction

                Wynhod’s raspy tongue stroked Krijero’s, urging it to twine in a sinuous dance.  The kiss alone would have been enough to excite the Imdiko’s senses.  Wynhod kissed like pure erotic desire, the taste of him wild and delicious.  Krijero sucked on his tongue, drawing it in so he could have more of that flavor.
                Meanwhile the Nobek continued to tweak, tug, and caress Krijero’s sensitive nipples, sending fiery darts of pleasure down into his gut where Gelan’s hands ceaselessly stroked him.  Krijero kept fighting the urge to shove into those rough, calloused hands faster as desire spiked with increasing frequency.  He was under orders to do only what he was told, which meant no moving unless given permission.  He’d learned in one of his earliest encounters with the pair that disobedience meant instant punishment.  Not that discipline was such a bad thing in Krijero’s book.  However, the memory of lying naked over Wynhod’s lap for a hard-handed spanking followed by standing for an hour facing a corner of their sleeping room still had the power to humiliate him.  At his age, being treated like a naughty child had not been fun in the least.
                What was happening right now, however, was a lot of fun.  Krijero just had to keep obeying Gelan and Wynhod for it to continue. 
                “I need to be inside your ass,” the Dramok sighed in his ear.  “Out of the way, Wynhod.”
                The Nobek narrowed his eyes at his clanmate but obligingly stepped aside.  Gelan tugged on Krijero’s dicks, urging him forward.
                “That’s it, Imdiko.  Go to the edge and lean over it.  Spread your legs for me.”
                Krijero waded through the water that came up just below his ass cheeks.  The edge of the basin stood right at his waist, so it was an easy matter to bend over it as Gelan wanted.  He opened his stance wide, terribly aware of how he offered himself for the Dramok’s use.
                “You can use your hands to brace yourself.  Otherwise, you are to remain still and accept my cock.”
                Krijero stretched his arms over his head, feeling the cool stone floor beneath his hands.  Gelan continued to pump his dicks in his tight fists, making everything coil within.  A little harder and faster, along with the Dramok’s length rubbing that sweet spot inside his ass, and Krijero would come.  Anticipation made his pricks throb.
                “Good boy,” Gelan said.  The approval made Krijero smile.
                He felt the slick, hot prod of velvet-covered iron touch the bud of his ass.  Krijero opened for the invasion, and Gelan slid inside with a sigh.  “Fuck, yes,” the Dramok said.
                He moved in and out, matching the rhythm with that of his hands that continued to masturbate Krijero.  The Imdiko couldn’t withhold a groan.  As always, Gelan had unerringly found his prostate, gliding friction against it fit to make his toes curl.  It was too slow and careful to make him come however.  The Dramok was drawing pleasure out for himself and driving Krijero crazy in the meantime.
                Gelan gave a sudden jerk, and his hands tightened on Krijero’s cocks.  “Son of a ... what the hell do you think you’re doing?” the clan leader said.
                Krijero disobeyed the order to remain still by looking over his shoulder.  Fortunately, Gelan wasn’t looking at him.  He stared over his shoulder at the smugly smiling Wynhod, who stood right behind him.
                The Nobek leered at his Dramok.  “Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Meanwhile, I’ll do you.”
                Gelan jerked again as if trying to buck Wynhod off his back, nearly dislodging himself from Krijero’s asshole.  “Get off me.”
                “Make me.”
                The two men showed fangs at each other.  Krijero watched them wide-eyed.  He waited for Gelan to pull all the way out of him, to turn around and show Wynhod who was boss.
                Instead, the Dramok calmed and gave Wynhod a grin full of threatening promise.  “I’m entirely too comfortable with my cock up this Imdiko’s ass to stop now.  You have your fun but know you’ll pay for it.”
                “I have no doubt of that.”  Wynhod returned the smile.  “And I look forward to it.”
                “Bastard.”  Gelan kissed his clanmate.
                Krijero turned his head forward again, though he would have enjoyed watching the two men with each other.  For Gelan to give up domination over his Nobek so easily seemed to once more indicate a mixed-breed status at the very least. 
                No, Krijero would never let on he thought Gelan wasn’t a pure Dramok, that he might even be more Nobek than not.  Not when Gelan and Wynhod were so obviously right for one another.  They belonged together.  Krijero knew that and smiled a little to know at least two men would have something special for the rest of their lives.
                Gelan pushed deep into him, once more fucking him and rubbing his cocks.  The Imdiko moaned as he found exciting contact with that hot spot.  After a couple of strokes, the power behind them grew stronger.  Strong enough that it lifted him to his toes and made the water slosh about his groin.  He grunted with the force.  Gelan’s cock hit his prostate hard, and the only reason Krijero didn’t scream with the gorgeous bliss was because he suddenly couldn’t breathe.  His palms slapped the floor hard in reaction.
                “Like that?” Gelan gasped.  “You’ve got us both, Imdiko.  Wynhod’s fucking you too, through me.  Two of us, at once.”
                Despite Gelan’s command to be still, Krijero couldn’t have obeyed if his life depended on it.  The thrusts were hard and demanding, sending waves of ecstasy roiling from the base of his spine up into his skull.  Meanwhile, Gelan’s hands pumped his cocks, making pleasure pool heavily at their bases, thudding in time to his quickening heartbeat.  The Dramok’s breathing was like a hurricane in Krijero’s ear.  Gelan and Wynhod were driving him harder and harder, shoving him right off his feet.  His legs kicked wildly, splashing the steaming water all around them.  Krijero clawed at the smooth rock floor, every breath ending in desperate cries, each one more beseeching than the last.
                Boiling heat slid into Krijero’s secondary cock, where it poured and poured until he thought it might burst.  Gelan masturbated him mercilessly, his grip tight and insistent.  The burning elation overflowed into the Imdiko’s larger prick.  He was coming.
                A thick, molten trail flowed into Krijero’s main cock, traveling up the swollen length in a rush.  His entire body stiffened, bracing for the coming cataclysm.  Heat flushed throughout the Imdiko, the last thing he knew before everything went blinding white.

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