Friday, January 15, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

He flipped me over, setting me facedown on the seat again.  He crawled up behind me, and I felt his cock slide down the crack of my butt.  It stopped and settled on my anus.

"Here it comes," he growled.  And shoved.

I could have made it easy on myself.  I could have opened to him and felt only pleasure.  But something in me wanted to hurt.  Some dark, angry part of my heart demanded to be punished, and it clamped me down tight.

Dan's cock burrowed into my butt, sending profound pain all the way up my spine.  I screamed into the seat as the thick head bullied its way past the tight ring of muscle that guarded the entrance.  The agony was sharp and immediate.  And it went on as he bored his way deep into me until his balls slapped against my pussy.

I sobbed wildly, torment eating up my insides.  His cock was like a searing rod of heat ripping me in half.  Dan put his hand on my shoulder and waited, checking on me before we went on.  My answer was to rock a little forward, easing a bit of him out, before shoving back to engulf him completely again.  

He got the message.  He grabbed my hips hard and yanked back, nearly emptying me of his exquisitely painful cock.  Then he slammed it back in.  My head jerked up so I could scream the hurt and ecstasy to the sky outside the window.  He pulled out again.  Shoved in again.  Hard and fast, over and over, emptying me of everything but overwhelming agony and need.  Orgasm barreled through my guts once more, my body frantically climaxing as if to defend itself.

Dan grated out a scream between clenched teeth.  His cock throbbed in my butt as it filled me with his spunk.  He ground hard, pushing himself further in as he lost all control.  The renewed pain brought me again.  If I'd been alive, I think I would have lost consciousness.

We both sobbed with reaction as our bodies fell from the heights.  Dan fell over me, shuddering, his body hot and sweaty.  I lay wasted on the seat's vinyl, my butt throbbing in time with remembered pulse.  It was the most alive I've felt since I died.

After a time, Dan's chest stopped heaving against my back.  The sensation of my heart beating faded along with body heat.  My lover carefully disengaged from me, his prick sliding effortlessly from my bottom.  I kept the ache deep in my bowels, refusing to let that one remnant of our encounter go.

Dan sat on the seat behind me and patted my rear.  "Whew!  Baby girl, you are beyond amazing."

I slowly sat up, groaning a little when my butt met the seat.  He'd really worn my rear out.  I rolled onto one cheek so I could snuggle up to Dan, wishing the handcuffs away.  My arms circled his waist.  He kissed the top of my head as I burrowed into the hollow of his shoulder.

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