Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

“Very wet,” he proclaimed.  “I bet we can get you wetter.”

He sat on the edge of the table.  Conyod picked her up and settled her facedown across the long, sleekly muscled legs of his Dramok.  Rachel felt Erybet’s erections press against her hip.  He caressed her ass, his hands big and warm.  Strong.  A spanking from those hands would hurt.   Suddenly she was very tense and afraid.  But she was also churning out juices, practically gushing at the thought of the Dramok wearing her ass out.

What is wrong with me?

Erybet’s voice was breathy, but he sounded careful as well.  “Rachel, can you say the word sholt?”
She licked her dry lips.  “Sholt.”

Conyod stroked her head and leaned down so he could look her in the eyes.  “Very good.  That is Kalquorian for ‘stop’.”

Erybet’s voice over her head was as warm as his hands.  “I have no intention of making you suffer, my sweet.  This spanking is only for play and our mutual pleasure.  If at any time you are uncomfortable, whether it be emotionally or physically, say sholt.  I will stop immediately.”

Conyod gave her an encouraging smile.  They were so careful with her.  They made her feel something she couldn’t claim too often:  safe.  She smiled back at the Imdiko and nodded.

He said, “Stay relaxed, Ray-Ray.  It hurts more if you tense up.”

She nodded again and concentrated on making herself soft and easy.  Erybet continued to caress her rump, tracing its curves with a delicate touch.  “So beautiful.  You’ll be watching her, Conyod?”


Erybet sighed.  One hand drifted from her butt up her spine, settling at the middle of her back.  It flattened out and pressed her against his thigh.  He was holding her down.  Keeping her still for his discipline.  Desire stabbed through Rachel’s pussy.  It was coming.

The hand still on her ass disappeared.  Then a meaty clap resounded through the room.  It took a moment before Rachel’s right ass cheek pulsed to life.  She jerked a little, her eyes widening. Warmth suffused where his hand still lay, and there were little darts of pain at the edges.  As discipline went, he’d been pretty gentle.

She relaxed.  Well, it wasn’t the mindblowing excitement she’d hoped for, nor the agony-filled torture she’d feared.  It was okay.  A little kinky, so it was kind of fun in a taboo sort of way.

Erybet’s hand lifted again.  Another clap, this one louder than the first.  Her left cheek suddenly blazed to life, the pain sharper this time.  She jumped, jerked her head up, met Conyod’s dark gaze with wide eyes.  He watched her intently, and Erybet paused again.

Rachel’s backside throbbed a little with her heartbeat.  It was warm.  So warm.  The heat tickled its way into her pussy, making something inside turn over.  This was better than just okay.  This was good.

Rachel closed her eyes.  She waited.  Erybet’s hand disappeared again.

Smack, smack, smack, smack!

The quick torrent of slaps crashed against her bottom, and she yelped in surprise.  Then burning bright agony swept over her ass, and she writhed.  Erybet’s hand kept her pinned down, making Rachel aware of his absolute control over her.  She had nowhere to go.  No way to escape, should he choose to ignore her plea for him to stop.  She was defenseless and completely at his mercy.

Devouring arousal tore through her guts.  Something inside took the pain and helplessness and turning it into need greater than she’d ever known before.  She gasped against the fiery heat spreading from her ass straight to her pussy.  Heaven and earth, something was really wrong with her, but she was getting off on the punishment.  She wanted more.

Sholt, Rachel?”  Conyod’s voice seemed to come from a million miles away.

Sholt?  Was he kidding?  She wished she had learned the Kalquorian phrase for ‘keep it fucking coming’.

She thrust her hips up, begging for more of that heavy, exacting hand.  Erybet’s rumble was delighted.  “That is definitely not a request to stop.”  His fingers slid to bathe in the flow of her pussy.  “By the ancestors, she’s soaked.  You really did find us the perfect Matara, my Imdiko.  All right then, little one.  A good, firm round of discipline to make us all very happy.”

The thigh supporting hers moved so that her pelvis rested on it instead.  Conyod sat up and moved over to pillow her head on his leg.  Then Erybet gave her a real spanking, such as not even her parents had ever given her.

The air filled with sharp reports, sobbing gasps, and little squeals.  Rachel’s world narrowed to one of burning heat and piercing arousal.  She bucked and fought to break free, and the firm hand holding her down gave her no escape.

She did not say sholt.

Through the pain she became aware of how her jerks moved her clit against Erybet’s thigh.  Shocks of need fed the inferno of the spanking, and she rubbed hard against the muscled expanse.  She completely forgot about trying to get away from that pounding hand slapping her backside.  She had to come.  Groans interrupted her cries as she worked to find nirvana.

She got hotter and wetter by the moment.  Moaning, she braced her hands against the table between the support of Conyod and Erybet’s legs.  Her feet dug for purchase against the surface, trying to find some way to make better, stronger contact with the thigh holding her butt up for its punishment.  Her clit scraped against him, but she just couldn’t get the right angle to make the teasing orgasm hit.

Erybet rumbled something in Kalquorian, and Conyod answered.  The Dramok shifted his leg, removing the tantalizing pressure Rachel had been determined to get more of.  Before she could scream the protest that barreled up her throat, Conyod leaned over her.  His fingers groped down her lower belly, zeroing in on her mound.  She keened a desperate, wordless plea.  The next instant his fingers closed over the swollen nub.

The searing heat from Erybet’s spanking had reached a crescendo.  Rachel felt her total helplessness against the two men as they controlled her body, her ass, her clit.  Climax burst through her, shattering from the inside out.  She shrieked as if in hell rather than heaven as blinding white starbursts … one, two, three, four … rocketed through her.

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