Friday, June 26, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave

The Imdiko pulled her down while driving his hips up, the entry forceful. Dani grunted at the sudden impaling. Only now did she realize how generous Krijero had been to give her pleasure while his own needs had become torment. 

Slight growls punctuated each thrust. His cock bumped her cervix with every plunge, sending heady sparks of agonized pleasure through her body. Dani dug her fingers into the alien’s shoulders as she re-awoke to implacable desire.

Krijero suddenly shifted, bearing her down so that she lay on her back with him covering her with his weight. Dani was pinned beneath the huge Kalquorian, helpless against him driving harder and faster into her. The rough use and her vulnerability only made her wetter, hotter. Climax rushed at her again, a speeding freight train that would crush her beneath its force. A high, thin cry escaped her.

The Imdiko’s hand clapped over her mouth. The added subduing heightened the thrill of his possession. She was cresting … going over …

Her insides seized. Hot, sharp, excruciating elation lit her from the inside out, bursting her into a hundred thousand fireworks. Dani cried out against the muffling hand, the orgasm’s voice refusing to be silenced. Krijero grunted, his rhythm failing as her pussy clenched at him, fighting to draw him in deeper, as if her body could consume his in its entirety. Suddenly his face was burrowed in her neck, his fangs biting down. A brief shiver of pain brought her again, and the Kalquorian snarled around his mouthful of her skin as his cock jerked in her sheath. 

He rutted hard against her as he poured his rapture into her womb. A part of Dani’s mind knew she would be sore later. As the intoxicant injected by Krijero’s fangs sent euphoria through her, she didn’t care. She loved this rough taking, loved how he dominated her and left her helpless against his passion. Feeling her helplessness so keenly brought her anew, and she sobbed in gorgeous surrender.

My enemy, one part of her mind whispered.

My master. My lover, another part said, besotted with intoxicant and orgasm.

The second voice was the one she went with. It felt too good not to.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                Egilka yanked his arm free of the prince’s grip. His fists clenched, he shouted, “You stupid child!  You nearly got noosed out there.  Do you think anyone of those people around us would have stopped it?  Those Tragooms would have dragged your ass back to their Bi’isil master and the rest would have cheered the entertainment.”
                Clajak had the nerve to look as if Egilka had disappointed him. His tone was every bit as chastising as the Imdiko’s. “At least I could have claimed to have had some fun before it all ended.  Life is more than just duty and promises, Egilka. Do you really think your sister wanted you to lock yourself away from life in her memory?”
                Egilka inhaled sharply. “You shut your mouth about her!”
                “Why? If Cyrt loved you half as much as you loved her, she’d be beating you over the head right now, trying to knock some sense into you. She’d want you to live, damn it!”
                “I am living!”
                “No you’re not. You don’t even know the meaning of the word.” Clajak flicked his hand at Egilka dismissively.
                The Imdiko wished he had the strength and skill to whip the man. “So tell me, oh great sage of Kalquor. What does living mean? Fucking all the time? Goofing off? Running away from your duty?”
                Clajak’s expression hardened. “Sometimes.  Sometimes it means daring to come out from behind your lab and delaying doing what your elders tell you to do.  Even if I did end up a slave on Bi’is, that wouldn’t end Kalquor.  Being a prince doesn’t make me that much different from you in that regard.”
                Egilka had heard enough. It was obvious that Clajak didn’t care he’d brushed up against certain doom only minutes ago. The Imdiko couldn’t figure him out or how to make him behave like the royalty he’d been born to.
                All at once, Egilka didn’t want to be anywhere around Clajak. Ever. It wasn’t worth the hurt that had sprung up unbidden and unexpected in his heart.
                He made his own dismissive gesture. “Fuck you. You want to see me turn my back on duty? Fine. I’m going home and seeing if our contract can be dissolved. I don’t want you for a Dramok.”
                He turned away, refusing to believe he’d seen Clajak’s expression turn devastated. It hadn’t. All Clajak cared about was himself. His thoughts seething, Egilka headed back the way he’d come in, pressing against the wildly hopping Dantovonian bodies.

Releasing mid-December 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekend Wake-Up Call: Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy

Dan suddenly gripped my upper arms, pulling me up to my feet. “On the bed. On all fours,” he gasped, his eyes glazed.

I obeyed, fighting back a grin at the state I’d put him in as I positioned myself in the middle of the bed. Dan kneeled behind me, and I readied for a desperately driving cock to plunge in.

He shocked me by tracing my slit with a gentle finger instead. “So wet,” he sighed. “You really like sex, don’t you baby girl?”

“Yes Sir,” I answered. I shivered at the light touch inflaming my already avid pussy. I’d given him some really good oral, and I was surprised he maintained enough control to play with me rather than take what his body ached for. Not that I was complaining.

His fingers explored me slowly, investigating every soft fold, discovering the tenderness of each petal of my sweetest flesh. A fine tremble started in my arms, and I began to wish for more. I wanted him to touch my clit. To bury his fingers inside me. I thrust back at him, trying to enfold those clever digits in my body.

I jumped when Dan’s palm cracked against one butt cheek. “Stay still, baby girl,” he ordered. “It’s my turn to play with you now.”

I shuddered and something warm and electrifying zinged through my lower parts. “Yes Sir,” I whimpered.

He spread the lips of my sex wide, allowing him to continue his careful exploration even deeper. I bit my lip at the tortuous examination, my hands clutching the soft bedspread. Dan’s excruciating attentions brought me close to the brink, allowing me to peek over the cliff’s edge without actually going over. I wanted him to fling me down into the abyss below. I’ve heard orgasm described as ‘the little death’. I wanted it in all its sweet oblivion, dismembering me in tearing ecstasy.

I could feel my nether parts swelling under Dan’s attention, everything he touched growing more sensitive by the second. Jeez, I was so close, but he kept me at that tip-top point, perfectly balanced where I couldn’t fall into sweetness. Maybe if I begged he’d have mercy? I was getting desperate.

“Please Sir, may I come?”

“Hush, Brandilynn. Stay still and stay quiet.”

I bit off a groan with the most tremendous of efforts.

Dan’s finger moved close to my clit, and I stiffened at the bolt of pleasure that suffused my lower body. Almost … but not quite enough. He prodded around the pert nubbin, circling it with a slow, firm pressure that made me cross-eyed. No moving. No sound. No climaxing. I felt deliciously miserable under his control.

“Your pussy is as red as a strawberry and swollen, baby girl,” Dan chuckled. “You must be in hell right now.”

I dared to whimper.

“You’re going to be so hot and tight around my cock,” he goaded me. His finger continued to make slow, lazy circles around my aching clit. I was on fire there, and desperation grew by the second. Any moment now I would disobey him, whether to beg for release or provide my own. I didn’t want to defy him, but a girl can only take so much.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                Evil premonition filled Egilka’s gut. He looked in the direction the Tragooms were heading. Sure enough, he caught sight of a familiar steel-haired covered head. It was Clajak, standing in front of the performing Duhi, a big appreciative smile lighting his face. He had no idea doom was coming on him fast.
                Egilka shoved his way through the crowd, panic making his heart hammer. The congestion closest to the stage thickened, held him back. There was no way he’d get to the prince before the Tragooms slipped the noose around the Dramok’s neck.
                A battle-trained Kalquorian could take on several Tragooms in hand-to-hand combat. Egilka was not battle-trained. He was a research scientist, an Imdiko who had taken only a few fighting classes with mostly self-defense in mind. Egilka would be no match for the pair of aliens that towered over him, each weighing twice as much as him.
                His frantic brain could think of only one thing to do. He pulled the needle with its vial of sedative from his pouch, the one he’d intended on using on Clajak. Egilka had no idea if it would be potent enough to take out a Tragoom ... and he could only dose one.
                There was no time to deliberate over his chances. The broad back of the Tragooms were right in front of him now, rents in the hides they wore showing him the thick, rock-like surface of their gray skin. There were only three places on a Tragoom’s thick hide that were vulnerable to a stabbing attack. Egilka’s aim would have to be accurate. A miss would probably get him killed.

Releasing mid-December 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 4: Alien Salvation

The two men lay on the ground on either side of Lindsey so they could look up at her face. Strangely, she felt more exposed and vulnerable that way then when they’d looked at where she and Vax joined. Her belly quivered.

The Imdiko rocked his hips, smoothly pulling out and pushing back in. His hand reached beneath Lindsey to stroke her clitoris. Pleasure was gathering itself, readying to steamroll through her body. She groaned.

“Pretty slave.” Deep in the fog of arousal, Lindsey wasn’t sure who said it. Fingers closed over one nipple, tightening on the nub to send shivers of delight into her womb.

“Eager. I think slave disobey again soon.”

More fingers touched her, inciting growing passion. He was right. Lindsey wouldn’t be able to deny another climax. The thought of more punishment brought the burgeoning climax closer. Lindsey shuddered. Vax thrust faster into her accepting warmth. She groaned through gritted teeth. The hot friction drove her nearer to the precipice.

“I punish slave next.” The greed in Bacoj’s tone told her he looked forward to discipline as much as she did.

The orgasm was starting, an exploding star burning brighter and brighter. Vax was steadily drumming against her sore backside, his hips pumping harder and harder, as if he’d drive his length right through her.

“Ah. Ah. Aaaah,” Lindsey cried, the exhalations getting longer as the conflagration swept through her, sending burning heat to raze her entire being. Her body quaked in helpless shudders, and she couldn’t help but meet Vax’s thrusts with her own. The desperate urge to consume him drove away all thoughts of obedience as she rammed her flesh back to swallow him.

Vax’s shout silenced the peepers, and Lindsey came anew to feel him pulse hugely in the tight confines of her passage. She fell to her elbows and pounded her small fists against the spongy ground.

Bacoj’s hands closed over her wrists to hold her still and keep her from hurting herself. Lindsey sobbed in helpless bliss as the shockwaves pulsed hugely through her abdomen. To think she’d once contemplated lifelong celibacy! The Kalquorians had shown her the error of her ways.