Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Alien Interludes: The Sentence

Cassidy raised her face so he could kiss her lips as well, which he did with great expertise.  Clean, lovely lust warmed her belly just as his mouth warmed hers.  She dove into it, but anxiety nibbled at the back of her mind no matter how hard she rubbed against her mate.

“Get these worries out of my head,” she begged when the kiss ended.

Her eager gyrations had aroused Lidon, and he gave her a bestial grin.  “Gladly,” he growled, making her insides tumble with nervous desire.

Lidon yanked her clothes off with rough hands, the way he knew she liked it with him.  Cassidy whimpered, feeling divine helplessness as he exposed her lushly curved body.  When the Nobek brought out his hover cuffs, she trembled but offered her wrists without hesitation.  Feeling them clamped over her flesh turned her wet.  Lidon barked a command in his own language, and the hover cuffs lifted into the air, taking her with them, until she hung a foot off the ground, almost at eye level with the Nobek.

Completely at his mercy, knowing he had none, Cassidy stared into his cat-slitted eyes, gone dark with feral desire.  His respiration came fast, and his cocks strained the crotch of his pants.

“My Matara needs discipline, doesn’t she?” he growled.

A bolt of arousal shot through Cassidy.  She bowed her head, looking at his big, strong hands, hands that delivered the most exquisite pleasure and pain she’d ever known.  “Yes, my Nobek,” she whispered.

Liquid fire gushed from her as he stepped around to her side, placing one of those paws on her mound.  He pinned her clitoris between two fingers and rubbed back and forth, making her cry out immediately with sharp arousal.  His other hand smacked hard against her buttocks, sending a wash of heat through her to join the burning need of her sex.

Again and again Lidon spanked her well-rounded rear, never losing his rhythm as he simultaneously rubbed her clit.  Cassidy’s cries rebounded off the walls as agony and delight warred for supremacy.   Her world shrunk to the conflagration of passion and punishment, the two sensations swirling around each other, vying for her attention.  She jerked helplessly in the cuffs, unable to defend herself from the harsh discipline and exquisite stimulation of her Nobek’s work.

Lidon was a master of both realms.  The tyrannical hand that slapped her vulnerable buttocks left not one inch of the quivering flesh untouched.  He spanked her thoroughly, making sure every part of her hindquarters stung with equal torment.  Meanwhile, his fingers kept her clit caged between them, slipping back and forth through her drowning wetness, occasionally rubbing his thumb over her engorged clit to make Cassidy kick the air with desperate need.

“Stop, Lidon!  Please!” she begged.

As she’d known he would he only chuckled, his fangs extended as he enjoyed her helpless pleas.  He spanked her harder, and Cassidy’s pussy clenched with reaction.  The pain was changing, transmuting into pure intense sensation.  Lidon was absolutely capable of bringing her to orgasm this way.

“My Nobek!  I beg you!”

He growled, low and continuous, feeding off her powerlessness every bit as eagerly as she did.  They both knew Cassidy didn’t want him to let up at all.  Lidon’s complete dominance over her was what they were both after.  Had Cassidy truly wanted him to stop, all she had to do was say it in Kalquorian.

She was nowhere near saying sholt.  Not with climax closing in hard and fast.

Cassidy’s cries were continuous, and she kicked and twisted against her bonds as the spanking peppered her backside faster and faster until she couldn’t tell where one strike ended and the next began.  Lidon’s other hand worked her furiously, making her guts seize in a spasm that wound tighter and tighter, doubling in knots until crescendo loomed huge and undeniable.  She shrieked her Nobek’s name, as if it was the magic word that would open the floodgates of release.

Lidon answered by ending the spanking and releasing her pleasure button.  Cassidy hung on the precipice for an endless eternity, poised for the fall.  Then the hand that had delivered so much pleasure to her sex slapped once, twice against her clit.  The sharp reports filled her ears and the stinging ecstasy slammed her full tilt into orgasm.

She arched in the air, her scream pouring from her wide open mouth as starlight burst blindingly throughout her body.  Molten elation seemed to erupt from every pore, pulsing in rending throbs from her sex to her toes and fingertips.

Before the convulsion had finished washing through her body, Lidon was naked in front of her, his growl filling her ears.  He thrust into her pussy with both cocks, hard and deep, the combined pain and delight sending her into another paroxysm of passion.  His powerful hands held her straining hips still for his frantic rhythm, the double thicknesses of him rubbing the cluster of nerves inside her sleeve that felt best.  Cassidy exploded yet again.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

               Diltan eyed her prim outfit. Tasha could take a lesson about loosening up, he thought. She didn’t need to be as crazy as Cissy, not by any means ... but it would be nice if his potential mate showed a little more enjoyment of her own newfound freedom.
                Tasha laughed harder than ever. “You should see the soaksuit she got.  It’s utterly scandalous!”
                Wal’s gaze went distant. “Oh yes.” The Imdiko’s tone was breathy, and Diltan knew his clanmate was remembering exactly how Cissy had looked in her scanty sunbathing wear.
                That brought on a lustful turn to Diltan’s thoughts as well. What the hell; it was better than dwelling on his troubles at work.
                Yet he was supposed to be attending to Tasha. He plastered a smile on his face. “You’ve managed to hang on to your dignity despite being free to express your, ah, freedom.”
                Tasha shrugged. “I had my own little wild period on the transport. I figured I’d never see those people who were there again anyway, so why not?”
                “Too bad,” Rolat muttered in an undertone. “I would have liked to have seen that.”
                Diltan kept his mouth shut while Wal bit his lips together.
                Unaware of their reactions, Tasha continued blithely, “I don’t like passion to rule my actions.  Bad things happen.” For just a moment, her face went dark. It cleared so quickly that Diltan thought he must have imagined the strange expression. She smiled brightly. “Still, I like to cut loose just a bit from time to time.” 
                “But not as much as your sister?” Diltan was having more and more difficulty imagining Tasha cutting loose at all.
                Tasha wrinkled her nose. “These days, she’s wild enough for both of us.”
                Rolat sighed. “She is something.”
                Wal sounded even more wistful. “Yes, she is.”
                The expressions on his clanmates’ faces told Diltan what he’d been suspecting since their first date with Tasha: they were far more interested in Cissy than her sister.
                Mother of All, that’s just what I need on top of everything else that’s going on.
                Yet in his present state of mind, Diltan knew he could no longer deny that it was Cissy his thoughts inevitably turned to when he wasn’t focused on work. Tasha’s assertion that her twin’s outrageous behavior was only a recent occurrence in the wake of leaving a repressive society behind made sense.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9

Tristan continued the slow taking, drawing in and out to make me feel every excruciating moment of intrusion and retreat. His muscles corded, letting me know he wouldn’t be able to maintain the torment much longer. Soon his lust would take over, forcing him to take me hard and fast, allowing us both glorious dissolution. I only had to retain control until his need matched mine. But I was still on the brink, so close that the slightest thing could undo me.

“Not yet,” he growled at me, intuiting as always my level of arousal. I chewed on the tie gagging me, fighting to keep whimpered pleas from creeping out to displease him. 

We engaged in a united battle of wills against our bodies, both of us determined to make me prove my obedience to Tristan. I could see the concentration on my lover’s face as he tortured himself as much as me by making himself hold back. Need worked his face as he took me. Small moans escaped him with every breath.

I was being stretched to the breaking point, clammy sweat breaking out over my skin as I held off with all I had. Feeling Tristan moving in and out, the friction lighting sparks that threatened to send me over, was delicious and terrible all at once. I had no choice but to keep my legs splayed wide open to accept his assault.

Being a sub is a horribly wonderful thing.

At last he couldn’t take anymore. Tristan fell over me, his body covering mine like a blanket as his hips beat against me in a desperate tattoo. His groin was tight to mine, rubbing my clit with every eager thrust. Blinding sensation licked through my lower body, dragging me towards climax.

No, no, no. He hasn’t given permission. 

My eyes squeezed shut. My jaw clenched in a teeth-shattering bite. My hands fisted until my fingernails bit into my palms. Tickling heat seized my loins, pulling me into the abyss. I was going over.

No, darn it, hold on, he hasn’t said I can!

I was at the top of the peak, excruciating bliss starting its cascade, laying hold and tensing to fling me out into space.


“Now, Brandilynn! Come now!”

His shout came just as I dissolved into a gazillion tiny suns, all exploding at once in a cataclysm of white-hot oblivion. Orgasm hurled me into eternity, every cell seeming to swirl in its own delighted dance through the cosmos. I expanded and expanded until I must have broken the edges of the universe.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Of them all, Rolat seemed the most comfortable. “Tell me you’re not staying in this evening?  The weather is perfect for a beach stroll and dinner outdoors. That’s what we planned for tonight.” He looked over Tasha’s outfit again, as if trying to hint at her to change. She only smiled in return.
                “Scintillating,” Cissy said, though a beach stroll actually did sound pretty nice. “I’m hitting the lemanthev concert at one of the clubs tonight.  It should be fun.”
                She watched for Diltan’s reaction most of all and wasn’t surprised to see a pained look cross his features. His tone matched his expression. “Those lemanthev concerts can get a bit out of control, given the number of younglings that attend.  Young Kalquorian men do not always handle their urges with great maturity.”
                Cissy hated the paternal tone, though there had been a couple of altercations between the dates she’d gone to concerts with and other attendees. Lemanthev tended to wind the young men up, and they had a tendency to want to show off to the few Earther girls in the crowd.
                Still, who did this clown think he was telling her what she should do? Cissy planted her hands on her hips and looked Diltan in the eye. “They can’t handle themselves, huh? Then I guess I’ll have to handle their urges for them.”
                Rolat made a sound that had a suspicious resemblance to a snicker. Wal ducked his head, but not before Cissy saw the smile taking over his face. Tasha rolled her eyes while Diltan glared.
                Cissy switched to her Big Fake Smile that she used when her patience had run out. “Don’t worry, Father.  I’ll be okay.”
                On that note, Tasha began flapping her hands towards the door. “Shall we go?  See you later, Cissy.”
                She fairly shoved the men out ahead of her. They seemed strangely reluctant to go, but Tasha managed the job. She pulled a face at Cissy just before the door shut behind her and her dates.
                Cissy shook her head. Well, what had she expected from Diltan? That he might suddenly find his inner cool? Just once she’d like him to look at her with something besides aversion.

Tentatively scheduled for March release.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave

He chuckled at her sally and engulfed her in one of those stomach-warming kisses again. Dani ran her hands all over him, delighting in the lithe, well-defined physique while sucking on his rough textured tongue. She rubbed against his cocks, making him groan.

Krijero let her explore his smooth body for a few blissful minutes, his breathing growing louder and faster as she moved against him. Dani felt compelled to memorize him with tongue, hands, her entire body. The Imdiko’s thighs became wet with her juices as she slid over them.

He might have been the gentlest of his clan, but Krijero still had the Kalquorian alpha mindset, which he finally gave in to. Dani suddenly found her wrists pinned behind her back by one big hand, and he leaned back to separate their torsos, which she’d been trying to meld together.

“Krijero,” she whined. “What are you doing?”

He didn’t answer. Instead he spread his thighs a little. She straddled him, so his move opened her wide. She caught her breath when his fingers began stroking her nether lips. A low groan seemed to come from the depths of her soul.

“Remember we must be quiet,” Krijero warned. He then went to work tormenting her, his fingers dancing over her tender flesh. He spread her honey all over, wetting her anus and clit. 

Dani writhed as he touched her, biting her lips against the pleased little cries that wanted to come out. His clever touch drew sparks from her body so bright she thought it might light up the night.

Much like how she’d mapped his body by touch, he did the same with her womanhood. As if committing her to memory, Krijero explored the folds of her sacred flesh, starting from her outer lips and working in until he circled the rim of her orifice. The almost ticklish sensations of his minute investigation had Dani squirming uncontrollably. 

Two fingers entered her. Dani shuddered violently at the penetration. Krijero thrust in and out slowly, searching the walls of her sheath with gentle pressure as he worked her. Suddenly he found the nest of nerves that felt best. Quivering heat blasted through Dani’s belly, and her jaws snapped shut with an audible click to keep a cry from ringing into the night. Her body went rigid.

“That’s a good spot,” Krijero chuckled, his voice low with satisfaction. His fingers withdrew to the tips then thrust in again, pressing harder against that eager flesh.

Dani moaned deep in her throat as her sex swelled with pleasure. Her sheath flexed in a slow roll.

She whimpered a protest when the Imdiko pulled free of her clutching sleeve. He didn’t acknowledge her, his fingers slipping back to tease her anus instead.

Dani made herself relax so Krijero could easily penetrate the tight orifice. He was gentle with her, taking the time to stretch the reluctant flesh, readying her for his dual invasion. Truth be told, anal play with the Kalquorians felt good. The pleasure started as a quiet echo of the G-spot stimulation, building gradually as he spread her wider. Dani let the growing arousal take her over. She made little movements up and down over the questing digit, making it feel better and better. She thought she might actually be able to climax from anal penetration alone. The realization excited her.

Krijero pressed a second finger into her, and glorious bliss suffused her. It did feel as good as G-spot stimulation, bringing that swelling feeling into her lower parts again, growing from easy pleasure to heady arousal to excruciating need. Dani fought to drive herself over those talented fingers, to bring the explosion that wanted to come. Her legs splayed so wide apart, she could only twitch and grind the least little bit.

She keened between clenched teeth. “Please, Krijero?”

“Faster or harder?”


“Can you come quietly?”

“I promise … please…”

His fingers dove in and out, his palm thudding quietly against her pussy as he worked her. The pressure in her loins burgeoned, expanding beyond her ability to hold together. Ecstasy burst through her, turning the black night into the blinding center of the sun. Climax poured through her, a molten river of bliss. She jerked in Krijero’s firm grip, tears streaming down her cheeks as she fought not to scream.