Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

With my head start, I showed up at the library before Dan. In a sudden fit of whimsy, I raced to hide behind a shelf. I peeked out to see my sweetie appear in the middle of the reading tables. He peered around the quiet room. 


I giggled, and the sound echoed in the cavernous room. He turned around, trying to locate me. His brows drew down, but he grinned and started walking. “Are you hiding from me?”

I giggled again since he headed in the wrong direction. As he turned my way, I darted to the end of the row and wove through the shelves.

His laughing voice followed me. “Oh, we’re doing that, are we? Okay then, naughty girl. I’m going to find you and give you a spanking.”

That was such a delight to hear. I really needed an escape from the real world after what I’d just seen. It was time for intense play.

I decided to go full-on brat. As I continued to move through the stacks of books, I called, “Nyah-nyah. Gotta catch me first.” 

I darted here and there, trying-not-trying to get away. I could hear Dan’s heavy tread behind me, never far away but not quite catching up. He knew the library better than I did, so I surmised he was prolonging the chase.

He appeared at the end of one row where I crept. I yelped and dashed off. After that happening a few times, I realized he was deliberately showing up when he wanted to drive me in a particular direction. Dan was herding me like a sheep, but I didn’t figure it out until he had me caught. I ended up cornered in the autobiography section.

I pretended to cower as Dan approached, having trapped me with nowhere to go. I had a hard time not laughing as his eyes widened at what I wore. To match my silly mood, I’d fashioned a little girl’s sailor suit. My hair was in two ponytails with red bows. 

His eyes smoldered as he drew himself up and assumed a stern expression. “There’s my naughty girl. Bad little Brandilynn.”

I opened my mouth and the words fell out in a voice higher pitched than usual. “Are you going to punish me – Daddy?”

I’d been into kink since I could remember. I love submitting. I love being spanked. But I’d never had more than a passing thought about age play. It had not shown up on my radar. Yet at this moment, with Dan, it somehow felt right.

Dan had only recently discovered his Dom side. He was still figuring out his kinks, experimenting with what precisely rocked his boat. The moment of shock on his face made me think this one wouldn’t fly. Then the startled expression gave way to sternness. When he looked at me like that, my pussy spasmed. The crotch of my cotton panties with ruffles and hearts were soaked in an instant.

That deep, strong voice filled with parent-like disapproval. “Yes, Brandilynn. Daddy has to discipline you for being such a bad little girl.”

No release date set.

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