Friday, December 11, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Unholy Union

His lips and tongue moved on her.  He tasted her with exquisite slowness, like a gourmand enjoying a particularly fine dish.  The liquid sounds of licking and swallowing were as arousing as the actual sensations.  She writhed in response, cooing her delight.  She buried her fingers in his tousled blond locks.

His mouth danced on her softest flesh, sucking gently on her clitoris then tracing his tongue down her folds to dip into the well of her sweetness.   His fingers joined the choreography, performing intricate steps that left her gasping.   Gratification teased, coming close enough for her glimpse it, but shied away before it could be captured.

“Please,” Elaine whimpered.

Ash plunged two fingers into her softness, and his lips closed over her clitoris, capturing the sensitive nub for his tongue to lash across.  His probing fingertips found the nest of nerves inside her sheath, and a bolt of desire shot through Elaine’s belly.  She cried out.  Seconds later she screamed as orgasm exploded white-hot, leaving her bucking violently against Ash’s face.

He licked his glistening lips after she quieted.  He stood, shedding his clothes and pulling her stockings off.  He slid her so she lay in the middle of the bed, her head resting on her pillows.  He climbed over her.  “My turn.”

Elaine opened her mouth for his rigid length, making sure to catch the drop of salty fluid on the tip with her tongue.  She caressed his balls as he descended, loving the silky feeling of his skin.  She relaxed her throat, denying the gag reflex as he pushed deep into her mouth.

Ash’s hands captured hers, and she felt the softness of her stockings as he bound her wrists.  He tied her to the headboard of the bed, and she couldn’t resist pulling to test the strength of the restraints.  They held, and she felt the lovely liquid warmth of desire fill her belly.  Helpless to deny Ash, she could only accept his every whim now.  It excited her.

He fucked her mouth with long, slow strokes, groaning when she rubbed her tongue hard against the thrumming vein on the underside of his penis.  “You look beautiful with your lips wrapped around my cock,” he whispered.  “I like how warm it feels, how your wicked little tongue strokes me just right.  I’m going to go a little faster, a little harder now, Elaine.”

She readied herself for his use, timing her breaths for when he drew back so she didn’t choke when he plunged in.  His gasps came faster, warning her he was close.  He growled a little, his voice more animal than man.  The bestial sound made her wetter.  

Elaine heard the thud of Ash’s fist hit the wall behind the bed an instant before his thick, salty fluid burst into her mouth.  She swallowed each pulse of his seed, feeling she made him a part of her by doing so.  She sucked eagerly on his pulsing sex, determined to have every drop of him.

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