Friday, December 18, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave

He stroked her sweetest flesh, finding her slippery with need. Dani moaned as his big hand fondled her, heating her insides. Meanwhile Gelan and Krijero bent to kissing her face, breasts and belly, their mouths balmy on her skin. Rough, catlike tongues lapped here and there, the flesh like coarse velvet. Dani closed her eyes and floated on the sensations.

A mouth closed over one nipple, suckling it to a peak. Another trailed kisses from her sternum to her navel and back up again. Fingers gently parted her nether lips open to allow other fingers to swirl in the pooled moisture of her core. They spread the slick honey all over her secret flesh, including her clitoris. She sighed at the swell of pleasure that lapped through her body.

The mouth left her breast to trail kisses to her lips. A tongue swept into her mouth, possessing her with tender force. At the same time, another tongue whirled around her untasted nipple, bringing it to the same stark attention as its neighbor. 

The soft touch of hair on her belly and thighs alerted Dani to Wynhod’s next action. As his talented fingers continued to explore the petals of her sex, his mouth closed on her clit. His tongue slid over it as he sucked. Dani moaned into the mouth covering hers, her senses igniting.

The wicked tongue played with her most sensitive flesh, delighting her with different levels of pressure. Her hips bucked helplessly in reaction as he twirled and rubbed and flicked and laved. One finger slid into her wet warmth. In and out it moved, taking her higher with every tender intrusion.

Nibbled. Nuzzled. Devoured. Dani moaned under the men’s delicious attention. Diamond bright flashes of arousal stabbed through her belly. Her hands swept over the two bodies she could reach: Gelan and Krijero. The thick muscled bodies over hers made her feel small, dainty, and soft. The careful way they handled her gave her a sense of safety. She basked in the glow of being loved like a woman should be.

The moist sounds of Wynhod’s finger moving in and out so slowly, of his lips and tongue’s carnal kiss on her delicate nub made things below go tighter. Dani had never known mere sound could add to sensual excitement. Her hips moved up and down of their own accord, a hypnotized dance under the Kalquorians’ spell.

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