Friday, December 4, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 4: Alien Salvation

                Lindsey pressed her shoulders back, leaning away from Japohn so her breasts pointed up. With her hands still clasped behind her back, she was forced to trust him to hold her and keep her from falling. His grip surrounding her ribcage assured her of her safety.
                Japohn’s head bent to her chest, capturing first one, then the other nipple in his sucking mouth. The tip of his tongue lashed the pink nubs, making them tighten. Lindsey’s head fell back, and she sighed her pleasure to the stars overhead.
                He held her that way for a long time, suckling gently one moment, hard the next. The Nobek’s sexes flexed within her every now and then, reporting on his pleasure as he consumed the soft mounds. Lindsey warbled delighted little cries, lost in the joy of his warm mouth, teeth, and tongue.
                When his fangs broke the skin of her left upper breast, she offered no complaint, not even flinching at the twin pinpricks. Instead, her nether regions clenched around his rigid flesh, offering proof that she’d come to equate sensual pain with pleasure. Lindsey closed her eyes to feel the fresh onslaught of intoxicant rush euphoria through her body.
                Japohn lifted her so that her chest met his. “You may touch me, slave,” he said.
                “Thank you, Nobek.”
                Her greedy hands lost no time in taking him at his word. As Japohn rose up on his knees and began to thrust deep into her core, Lindsey caressed the strong jaw, the corded neck, the wide shoulders, the chiseled chest, the muscled back. Her lips followed next, trailing wet kisses everywhere she could reach, tasting the sweet saltiness of his skin. Her fingers dove into his thick curls, their softness at odds with the granite hardness of the rest of the man. She tangled her hands in his hair, delighting in every nuance of him.
                Lindsey nibbled at Japohn’s goatee, straining upwards in an effort to snare his mouth. He lowered his face to hers, permitting her kiss on his pouting lips. She opened her mouth, offering him the one orifice he didn’t penetrate. His tongue swept in, and she moaned to finally be completely possessed by him.
                The Nobek’s hips swung like a pendulum, filling then emptying Lindsey’s hearth with determined thrusts. She clung to him, pressing her feet, twined at the ankles, against his flexing buttocks.  She worked to pull him into her body as far as possible. Japohn was so big that his tip bumped into her cervix, sending delicious darts through her belly. She tightened her thighs around him, rising and falling over his driving shafts.
                The additional pressure made her clitoris rub hard against the man’s body, sending yet more shocks of pleasure tumbling through her belly. Lindsey was igniting again, and she moved against Japohn eagerly, desperate for more fulfillment despite being brought three times already.
                Kinky submissive nymphomaniac. Who would have guessed? Or am I just making up for thirty years of virginity all at once?
                It didn’t matter as the moment of release arrived, consuming her as Japohn drove hard. Lindsey clutched at his shoulders desperately, riding wave after wave of elation while he drummed into her without pause. The moment one spasm relented, another took its place. She lost all sense of sight and sound as the incredible sensations tore her from conscious thought.

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