Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 3: Alien Conquest

Cassidy’s heart pounded.  From far away, she heard herself say, “I should be punished for my wicked thoughts.”

The Nobek’s gaze on her darkened, and his expression sharpened to that of a predator.  “‘Discipline, though sometimes harsh, keeps the conscience awake.’  I doubt that quote was meant for this particular situation.  Still, it fits for our purposes, doesn’t it my pet?”

The hungry violence in his eyes kept Cassidy from speaking, but she managed a slight nod.  Eager terror sent shockwaves of desire through her body as Lidon sat on the edge of the bed and grasped her tiny wrist in his huge hand.  “Come here and accept your punishment.”

She bowed her head, hardly believing she was doing this as she crawled to him.  She shivered as he stripped her of the underdress, leaving her naked.  The vulnerability excited her.

I should feel shame for wanting this.  I should, but I don’t.

Her newfound freedom to enjoy all the base urges she’d been denied made her dizzy.  She thought she might faint.

Lidon tugged Cassidy to lie across his thighs.  His erections poked her hip, letting her know his anticipation matched hers.  He caressed her buttocks, his hand warm on the soft, trembling mounds.

“Such a gift, my love,” he whispered, the other hand settling between her shoulders, pinning her down.  “You are more than I ever dared to hope for.  A true treasure which I will always cherish.”

His palm struck her rump with a meaty smack.  Cassidy jerked at the first strike, feeling the sting with acute sensitivity.  Then the blows came with clockwork precision, warming her quickly, and she gasped with mingled pain and arousal.  The heat of the spanking radiated throughout her nether regions, and she concentrated all her attention on the sweetness of the sensation.

Lidon’s thighs were slick beneath her as her juices flowed.  He was meticulous with the discipline.  He gave every inch of her bottom harsh attention, spreading the punishment evenly over her well-padded flesh.  His big hand bore down on her again and again, and she smiled through her tears to be so well chastised.

The burning of Cassidy’s flesh made her writhe.  Her hips jerked to meet his blows even as she wished the spanking to end so he might fill the aching emptiness of her womb.  She’d never known pain could spark such pleasure.

“Shall I stop?” Lidon asked, not pausing with the delicious torment.

He was giving Cassidy control to direct him.  He was hers to command, though she wasn’t inclined to rule him.  No, in sexual matters she preferred the clan’s domination.  Their confident strength had seduced her in the end along with her inability to deny their wants.  She wanted them to continue to be strong for her.  She had no desire to dictate to Lidon, no orders to issue.


“Do as you wish,” she sobbed, her backside roasting from his attentions.  “Take all you want, whatever you want.”

The spanking ended immediately.  “On the bed.  On all fours,” the Nobek demanded.  She clambered off his lap, eager to do all he would command.  “Ass towards me.”

Cassidy obeyed, her insides nearly melting to feel him behind her, probing her orifices with hard, eager flesh.  He slid inside her, the larger organ spearing her tighter passage.  Her groan of welcome mingled with his animal snarl.

Lidon took her hard and fast, his groin slapping against her sore backside.  Her heavy breasts swung like pendulums from the strength of his taking.  She panted, the orgasm coming at her at headlong speed.  The Nobek grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back.  He owned her.  He owned her because Cassidy said he could.  Belonging to Lidon made everything wondrous, even this violent taking.

The Nobek’s bestial grunts and growls filled the air as he thudded hard against her, all control thrown aside.  Whatever civilization Lidon had ever known was consumed by the purest of animal urges.  An ancient instinct took Cassidy over too, and she surrendered to the primal need of her mate without coherent thought.

Climax swallowed her with wide-open jaws.  She screamed as it ripped through her belly, and Lidon answered her with a roar.  His fist tightened painfully in her hair for an instant, and he slammed against her, his sexes battering rams in her quaking flesh.  Then the tension fled from his body.  The Nobek leaned over to cover her, his fingers trailing gently through her tresses, exposing her neck for light kisses.

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