Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 2: Alien Rule

“Why won’t you let me be nice to you?” Clajak’s quiet voice came from above her.  His fingers stroked up the inside of her thigh.  Jessica stiffened, but she didn’t resist for fear he’d punish her again.  “Let me be nice to you, Jessica.”  His fingers brushed against her sex.  She shuddered.

“You’re soaking wet,” he said, his voice surprised.  “I have heard of women like you who appreciate discipline, but I didn’t know Earthers were capable of it.  My sweet, it’s as if you were born to tempt me.”

“I hate you,” Jessica said, her voice weak.  

“I know.  I’m sorry you feel that way.”  Clajak’s tone was still soft, and he picked her up and cuddled her against his chest.  He lifted her tearful face to kiss her mouth deeply.  

Such tenderness after the harsh discipline fed her already heightened senses, and the low rumblings of desire exploded into an almost desperate need.  Jessica moaned into Clajak’s mouth and rubbed against him.  He responded with a growl and yanked her thong off, leaving her naked in his lap.  His hands went all over her, and she was on her back beneath him once more.

His hands worked between them, fighting to free his sexes from his formsuit as he continued to kiss Jessica.  His mouth on hers was frantic now.  His cocks leapt free of his pants, and he pressed against her with desperation.  Her body opened to him, their combined wetness helping him to bury himself in her with one thrust.  Jessica grunted at the heady combination of the pleasure and pain the sudden filling of her womb and backside incited.

Clajak held nothing back, his hips jackhammering against her.  The sound of his groin pounding against hers was similar to how it had sounded when he spanked her.  It hurt wonderfully, this furious taking, and Jessica screamed in a high, thin voice.  She clung to the slick fabric of his formsuit, gathering fistfuls of the stretchy material on his chest.

Clajak’s head reared about, and he roared as his rhythm faltered, his fangs extended.  Jessica gasped as a drop of intoxicant escaped one needle fang, falling on her cheek.  The prince’s head came down, and he buried his teeth in her neck.  Jessica shrieked at the momentary pain.  Her body clenched in orgasm.

Clajak screamed against her neck as climax took him.  His teeth remained embedded, and Jessica felt euphoria spread throughout her body as he rutted against her. She rode waves of bliss from the orgasm and the intoxicant he pumped into her body.  Every moment was sweeter than the last, and her sighs came so continuously she almost hummed.

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