Friday, November 6, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 1: Alien Embrace

            "This isn't how Earth picnics usually go."  Amelia’s halfhearted protest sounded weak to her own ears.  In fact, her husky tone was inviting.  She allowed Flencik to tug her blouse off without resistance.
            Breft twined his fingers in her hair, pulling her head back.  "We make new rules for the picnic.  We will have a Kalquorian picnic instead," he said.  His mouth closed over Flencik’s bite and drew on the bleeding wounds.  Amelia groaned from the sweet sensation of him feeding on her. 
Rajhir joined the wonderful assault.  He pushed down her sweatpants and underwear.  His strong hands parted her thighs, and he sucked the lips of her sex, pulling moisture from her craving body.
            Amelia melted under their mouths, every muscle pliant to their whims.  Her fingers found the coarse waves of hair that grew to Breft's shoulders; she stroked it as his mouth moved from her throat to press its demands over her lips.
            Rajhir's mouth left her sex.  Her legs fell further apart, inviting him back.  Instead of his tongue, cold sluiced down her sensitive crevice.  She yipped her surprise into Breft's mouth.  He withdrew, startled.  They both looked down her body.  Rajhir grinned at them, righting the wine bottle he'd tipped over her pubic curls.  Liquid sapphire beads sparkled in the swirls of hair.
            "Sweet wine," he said.  His eyes sparkled boyish mischief as he sampled his work.  Amelia moaned to feel his tongue lapping at her sex.  Her juices flowed freely with the wine.  She wondered how she tasted.
            Breft grabbed a nellus berry and put it to her lips.  "Flencik says you like these much."
            She moaned, delighting in the juicy fruit exploding in her mouth, Flencik sucking on her breasts, and Rajhir feasting between her legs.  I’m in heaven, she thought.  Surely this is worth all the fires of Hell.
            Breft grinned at her obvious delight.  He sprinkled sprigs of desrel into the hollow of her throat and retrieved them with his lips and tongue.  She shivered at the heat of his mouth and the scrape of his teeth on the sensitive area.
            Flencik seemed to approve of his clanmate's choice of serving platter.  He scattered an assortment of food over Amelia’s belly and breasts.  Then he drizzled wine over the works.  After Breft popped a bite of chicken into her mouth, he joined the other two in gobbling food off her skin.
            New erotic places blossomed to pleasurable life under the voracious Kalquorian mouths.  The creases where her breasts ended and ribcage began, the cup of her navel, the hollows of her shoulders, the tops of her knees; these areas tingled under the attention of her companions.
            "Now the other side," Rajhir said.  He stripped off his tunic.  His muscles shone with perspiration.  If Amelia’s drugged body had possessed the strength, she’d have licked him from head to toe.  He looked delicious.  Flencik and Breft followed his example, baring their equally yummy torsos.  They rolled Amelia over on her belly, depriving her of the view.  She sighed a protest.
            The splash of wine on her naked back and buttocks relieved the worst of the twin suns’ heat.  She closed her eyes as the Kalquorians resumed lunch on her flesh.  Occasionally, they fed her a morsel and helped her sip wine from the rapidly depleting bottle.  Her earlier fantasy in the washing basin was nothing compared to this slow pleasuring, a pleasuring Flencik’s bite and the wine had left her happily defenseless against.
            Amelia lay still, feeling every lick, nuzzle, nibble, and touch.  The attention continued well after the food disappeared.  A calloused finger traced her spine.  Strong hands kneaded her buttocks.  A tongue slipped a wet path down the crevice to her anus.  Another pair of hands slid beneath her to cup and squeeze her breasts.  Lips kissed the nape of her neck, bringing gooseflesh.
            “Don’t be afraid,” Rajhir whispered in her ear.
            A strip of silky cloth was tied over Amelia’s eyes, blindfolding her.  Another bound her wrists behind her back.  The bonds felt soft, but tight.  The sudden domination brought every sense alive.  She lay still wondering what they planned to do to her.  Her juices flowed like a river between her thighs.
            Take me.  Force me.  Make me obey.  She tensed her arms and found her bonds held her firm.  The Kalquorians had rendered her completely helpless.  She moaned.  Her breath quickened with anticipation.
            The men lifted Amelia from the ground and made her straddle a pair of kneeling thighs.  Her breasts flattened against a smooth chest.  The contact made her nipples feel swollen and heavy.  She groaned and writhed against the delicious contact.
            The twin set of a Kalquorian's erections pressed up beneath her.  He felt burning hot, as if he might brand her flesh.  She wriggled her hips, desperate to get his wet lengths inside.
            Amelia sighed as the larger of the two penises pressed its way into her.  The smaller prodded at her anus.
            Hands from behind adjusted the rectal penis so that it slipped into her sex with its companion.  It filled her to bursting with a heady ache as her flesh stretched to accept the girth, her own weight driving her down onto it.  Incapable of struggle, she submitted with a whimper that was more pleasure than pain.  Her sex gushed its delight at the double invasion.  The thickness had the man inside her pressing hard against her most sensitive places.
            Fingers entered her anus, twisting and turning and stretching her.  Meanwhile, lips brushed against hers, then seized her in a determined kiss.  The raspy tongue swept into her mouth, stroking sinuously against hers.  Amelia sucked on it, tasting leshella and brute male.  It was a heady flavor, making her grind down hard on him.
            The fingers in her backside pulled free.  The Kalquorian behind her pressed close, and she felt his larger sex pushing against her anus.  She shuddered, knowing the impossibility; he was too large to enter her that way.  She also knew impossible or not, he’d take what he wanted and what she wanted him to take. 

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