Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction (WIP)


I’d had enough conversation. “How about putting the you into me?”

He snorted. “Do you call that a seduction?”

I grinned. Despite the nonchalant attitude he gave me, I felt Dan’s avid interest twitching under my pussy. 

I slid down his legs to end up kneeling on the floor. “No, I call this a seduction.”

With that, I wished my dress away. I spread my folded legs wide, exposing my pussy. At the same time, I laced my fingers behind my neck and held my elbows out, my shoulders pulled back to lift my breasts like an offering. I cast my eyes to the floor between Dan’s feet.

“How may I serve you, Sir?” I asked in my most submissive tone.

Dan’s happy sigh warmed me from head to toe. Other things warmed when I saw him opening his fly. I kept my gaze glued to the floor, but my peripheral vision didn’t miss the mouthwatering vision of hard and ready cock bobbing free.

“Hands behind your back. Put that pretty mouth to work, little girl,” came the husky voice of my master.

We are ghosts, but our memories hold everything we need to make good stuff happen. I was delighted to see a pearlescent drop had already formed on the tip of Dan’s shaft. I licked salty, musky goodness, moaning my pleasure at the gift. 

I licked all over the velvety smooth head of him, tracing dips and ridges with the tip of my tongue. Heavens, he tasted delicious. One of his hands buried in my hair, clutching a fistful and holding it tight. I creamed to feel his control over me. 

“Kiss the head of my cock, baby girl. Kiss it like a good little subbie.”

I obeyed, my lips closing over livid, pulsing flesh. When things get good, we remember things like heartbeats and breathing. It’s close to having a body again. Not perfectly so, but near enough to count.

I ran my tongue over and over his silky cockhead, sucking it into my mouth like a lollipop. His hold on my hair tightened. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming and I readied for it.

Sure enough, Dan pressed my face down, making me take his full length into my mouth and down my throat. One of the great things about sex after death is that we don’t need to breathe. Dan could have pounded my face all day long and it wouldn’t have bothered me. However my big sexy Sir likes things a little noisy and forceful. So I obliged him.

I gagged and struggled against his hold on me. He held me down, keeping himself embedded until he pulled me off with a satisfied grunt. I rolled streaming eyes up to see him looking very lord and master. Ah, how I love that look of power he gets. It’s so exciting. I could feel juices running down my inner thighs as I responded to his strength.

He pushed me down slowly while simultaneously raising his hips. He didn’t make me take so much that time or the next. But the third time, my face met his pelvis.

“That’s right, baby girl. Take it all. Take every last bit of Sir’s cock.”

Release Date Not Set.

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