Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Michaela (M/I/M/M)

The men serving and being served by her body cried out as if she scalded them with her passion. Raxstad’s thrusts were getting harder, more demanding. He shook with effort as he pushed ever deeper into her core. Govi made sobbing sounds as he plunged in and out of her mouth. It was no wonder; Korkla pumped his smaller cock with one hand. The clan leader’s other arm moved as he did something to the Imdiko’s ass.

Korkla whispered in Govi’s ear, but Michaela heard him. “That’s it, my beauty. Fuck that pretty mouth while I finger fuck your perfect ass. Look how gorgeous your Matara is with your cock between her lips.”

Govi moaned. “Please ... please Korkla ... I can’t ...”

“No, don’t come. You’re going to come in Michaela’s pussy. You’re going to claim her properly. Hold out, Govi.”

“You’re ... please ... my Dramok ... no, not there. Don’t...”

“But it feels so good when I rub right there. Look at Michaela, Govi. Look at how much she likes sucking your dick.”

The Imdiko’s tears dripped down on Michaela’s face. His body corded with tension as he pumped her mouth and Korkla tormented him. He gasped and groaned with the effort of holding off.

“Brutal ... bastard,” he moaned.

“I know, my Imdiko. You’ll obey me anyway.”

Raxstad’s rhythm grew to an intense pounding. Judging from his increasing growls, he also neared his end. The steady, hard friction of his cock against the molten spot within Michaela had her wailing around Govi’s cock. The Nobek’s groin delivered as much ecstasy as it rubbed her clit. 

She could feel everything igniting again. Pressure built higher, shrieking for release. Michaela’s mouth opened wide with the force of it. She tipped over ... fell into a rampaging inferno...

“There she goes. Good girl, Michaela.”

Korkla’s voice against the backdrop of Govi’s sobs disappeared as Raxstad pinched her clit. Climax burst over Michaela, demolishing everything in its wake.

For some time, she knew only heaving pleasure, cresting and tumbling through her body. Michaela lost all sense of the Nobek fucking her pussy, of the Imdiko fucking her mouth, of the Dramok urging them all on. Her body filled and released, filled and released, a constant push and pull of sensation.

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