Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

Cissy’s body was a maelstrom of sensation. Diltan’s mouth and hands delivered equal measures of torment and delight. Zings of pain from his careful biting mixed in a hectic, mind-stealing brew with the pleasure of his mouth suckling her breast. His fingers rubbed the outsides of her nether lips, creating amazing friction on the sensitive flesh. A calloused thumb brushed her clit, sending jolts through the erect nubbin.

All that excitement was made more poignant by the fact she could not deny the Dramok’s attentions. Bound, brought under the Kalquorians’ control, Cissy had no defense against the luscious assault. It made her head swim. She couldn’t think coherently, not with such exacting delights pouring through her body.

No one had made her feel so vulnerable ... so intensely excited. The realization was a dim whisper in the back of her mind, barely noticed in the cacophony of sensual chaos.

A weight settled on the top of her head, pulling it back to lean against Rolat’s shoulder. Cissy looked into the deep blue-purple of Imdiko Wal’s eyes. His gaze was sharp, unsettling against his tranquil face. He smiled, transforming those unremarkable features into something breathtaking yet again.

“Lost in the thrill of my Dramok’s touch, are you? I know the feeling well. I’d like to make you drown in those sensations.”

With that, his face drifted close. Wal filled Cissy’s gaze, that handsome visage blurring as his breath wafted over her lips. His mouth settled against hers. Instinct parted her lips. Coarse velvet warmth invaded. The Imdiko tasted her, his tongue sliding sweet and sure against Cissy’s. She moaned a welcome.

A rough voice murmured in her ear. “You are so lovely, giving yourself this way. Not that you have a choice though, right?” The chuckle vibrated in her ear, seeming to ripple down her spine. “No, we claim this wondrous body. You will give us all we desire.”

Rolat’s confident words etched themselves on Cissy’s mind. Hearing him assert entitlement to her left her weak and shaking in their grip.

Wal drew back at the same time Diltan released her breast. She opened her eyes. The three men watched her, looking at her face.

Through the fog of arousal, Cissy realized how exposed she was to them. She was naked. Wal had placed her bound wrists behind Rolat’s neck. The Nobek held her legs wide, displaying her sex for them all to see. Even her clit was blatant, having come out red and swollen from behind its hood at Diltan’s prodding.

Being bared to them made Cissy’s will dissolve even further. Captive to their desires, vulnerable to their whims ... her snared limbs trembled with weakness. 

“So, the woman with the spirit of a wild zibger becomes a trembling girl when faced with real men,” Diltan breathed. “I am surprised. And gratified. How lovely that I can be strong for you instead of forcing you to allow me to be so.”

His words were so much noise to Cissy. All she understood was that she was helpless against these men, that she found the vulnerability exciting, and that they were drawing out the anticipation of what they would do to her next.

“Deny us nothing, precious,” the Dramok said. “Bend yourself to us for this night. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.”

Two of his fingers, which had teased her pussy lips and clit all this time, dove inside Cissy. Diltan shoved them all the way into her core. Brutal need rose up hard and fierce. She shouted and jerked at the sudden impaling.

“Hungry little pussy,” the Kalquorian crooned, shoving in and out with amazing friction. “Pretty pussy wants to come again.”

His thumb drew circles around Cissy’s clit. She sobbed and shoved towards his hand. Ravening need eclipsed the little bit of awareness she’d held. There was only the stunning man before her and his touch.

Her skin flushed with heat. Bright excitement filled her gut. Climax was on its way. He would give it to her now that she was his to control. He would make her come whether she wanted it or not. She wanted it though. She wanted it with all her being.

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