Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown (M/M)

Egilka grinned, and then his face softened once more. “Aw fuck, you feel good, Clajak. So hot and tight around me.”

He didn’t lower himself so much as collapse on top of the Dramok. He seized Clajak’s mouth in a hungry kiss. Clajak reciprocated, demanding some measure of control.

His body blanketing the prince’s, Egilka see-sawed his hips, filling and emptying Clajak. His cock rubbed endless friction against that sensitive spot, driving the Dramok insane with need. The motion moved his lower belly against Clajak’s cocks, making him even crazier. He growled and nipped Egilka’s lips, desperate for release. Egilka clung tighter, riding him with a pace that grew more frenzied by the moment.

Their bodies dampened with sweat as they bucked against one another. Clajak couldn’t separate his thundering heartbeat from the pounding of Egilka’s breast. They gasped and snarled into each other’s mouths. Egilka’s fingers dragged down the prince’s ribcage, his nails scraping fiery trails. The hurt fed into the violent passion that left Clajak yelling with agonized ecstasy.

Egilka jerked up, his shaking arms barely able to hold him over Clajak as he hammered into his ass like a man possessed. The hard, rapid use swelled the ball of pressure held back by the cockring. Clajak screamed at the Imdiko, his fangs unhinged, his mind uncoupling from all sense. He had to come. Right. The. Fuck. Now.

Egilka’s strained shriek rose over the prince’s as his body went rigid. Veins popped out all over the long, lithe muscles that made up his graceful form. Then came the gentle pulse of release, a slow throb in Clajak’s passage and a flood of warmth filling him.

His breath sobbing, Egilka’s shaking hand tugged at the ring damming Clajak. Its tight grip resisted the trembling Imdiko for a moment, and Clajak screamed frustration again. Then it pulled loose, sliding over the slick member, setting him free.

Egilka didn’t need to touch him again. All at once, the hard ball between Clajak’s cocks let loose. His secondary cock gave a shuddering throb. Fire lanced up his primary prick, a blinding stream of painful elation that erupted in thick jets. Clajak howled as surge after surge tore free, splattering his and Egilka’s torsos and even the Imdiko’s face. Spasms wracked the Dramok’s entire body, as if his innards were ripping themselves apart to release the pent-up fluids that shot forth.

Egilka uttered a last wrenching groan and collapsed over Clajak again. Clajak grunted, his groin still seizing, still fighting to expel every last drop of seed in him. It felt as if his cocks pumped forever before the spasms eased. He lay panting under the warm sprawl of his long-awaited lover. 

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