Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire (M/M)

The thick shaft moving in and out and rubbing his prostate nearly had him disobeying right away.  Flencik grabbed handfuls of grass again, as if that would keep his body from rocking back against Rajhir.  He bit into his forearm for the second time with a groan.  Damn, it felt good, but the Dramok was taking him slow.  It was almost more torment than pleasure.

He heard the satisfaction in Rajhir’s tone, as if he knew exactly where Flencik’s thoughts were.  “I do love a nice, slow fuck with a tight ass.  Yours is tighter than most.  I think I’m beginning to appreciate how little you’ve been dating, Doctor.”

“So glad I can make you happy,” Flencik panted.
“You definitely do that.  It’s like a firm fist in a silk glove holding me.  How about you, Imdiko?  Do you like my cock filling you up?  Shooting you to the brim with cum?”

“You are a sadistic bastard,” Flencik groaned.  “What is it I see in you?  I’ve forgotten.”

“You see a man who will look out for you and keep your innocence from being taken advantage of.  Who will make you happy.  Who will fuck you until you scream with pleasure, like you did several times last night.”

“Ancestors,” Flencik said.  “Stop saying all the right things before I’m more taken with you than I already am.”

For an answer, Rajhir grabbed a fistful of hair and tugged his head back so he could kiss Flencik.  Feeling the rasp of the Dramok’s tongue twining with his took Flencik’s breath away.  Tasting and being tasted was sublime ecstasy.  It almost made up for the torment of Rajhir’s slow taking.  Flencik dove into delicious surrender, succumbing to the other man’s controlling urges in every way possible.
It was as if Rajhir divined his submission.  “Ah, hell,” the man groaned when their lips parted.   “You’re too perfect.  If I don’t come soon, I’ll fucking explode.  You drive me crazy, Flencik.”

He released the Imdiko’s hair and grasped his shoulders.  His pace increased, making Flencik hiss in agonized delight as excruciating pleasure mounted, doubling and trebling within seconds.

“Oh yeah,” Rajhir gasped, his groin smacking meatily against Flencik’s ass.  “Oh fuck yeah.”
The sharp contact between their bodies brought fresh aches from the earlier spanking.  It fed the growing fire in the Imdiko’s belly.  His secondary cock felt inflamed, full of lava.  Soon it would try to escape into his larger cock and spill out.  His cries grew louder with each thrust Rajhir made into his ass.

“Shit.  Damn.  Fuck,” Rajhir said, his voice getting higher and higher.  He fucked Flencik faster and harder.  The Imdiko felt something deep inside his groin clench.  Heat spilled into his primary dick. 
“Rajhir,” he gasped.  “Rajhir, I’m not going to be able to stop it once you go.”

“No.  Don’t come, damn it.  I told you I’d let you inside me.  Don’t come.  Don’t – don’t – fuck!  Here it is!  Ah, shit!  Don’t come, Imdiko!”

Rajhir’s cock jerked inside Flencik as his body succumbed to desire.  Heat spilled from it as the Dramok’s seed evacuated his body to join with the other man’s.

Flencik cried out as Rajhir howled his deliverance.  Boiling cum was racing from his smaller cock to find its outlet through the primary.  Rajhir had told him not to ejaculate, however.  With a sob of agony, Flencik grasped the base of his raging prick to cut off the flow before it could escape.

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