Friday, September 11, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

He waited.  Raven stared at the flogger, her mouth dry.  Meanwhile, her pussy was trying to soak through the harness he’d put on her.  She trembled, but she’d agreed to this.  All of it.

“Yes sir.”

Vendeen gave her his half-smile that told her he knew exactly how afraid she was as well as how aroused.  Then the vibrator switched on.

Raven’s head snapped back.  She moaned as pulsing delight shuddered deep in her sheath and over her clit.  She clenched around the humming instrument and was made blatantly aware of the plug in her ass.  A fine trembling took her body over as the clit stimulator coaxed her sensitive nub, simultaneously drawing on it and vibrating.  Warm pleasure moved to headier throbs in a matter of seconds.  Raven sobbed air in and out as a ticklish delight swirled through her gut.

The sting of the flogger’s first strike took a few seconds to register before Raven realized Vendeen had begun.  It landed across her quivering buttocks on the fleshiest part.  It wasn’t a horrific hurt by any means.  Just darts of small pain where the thin straps of the harness didn’t protect her flesh.

It certainly didn’t take her attention from the vibrator’s charms for very long.  The powerful humming made her pussy feel heavy, as if it had gained actual weight.  All of Raven’s attention was on the growing glow of swirling carnal excitement.  She noted the continued peppering of the flogger that chastised her ass and thighs, then moved up her back to her shoulders.  It stung a bit more, enough to make her gasp even, when Vendeen applied it to her breasts and belly.  It left behind warm trails across her flesh, adding to the growing burn of need.  

Raven shuddered under the influence of erotic pulsing and the gradually growing strength of the lashing.  Every inch of her burned, even the parts Vendeen didn’t touch.  The pain never seemed to get worse; it stayed at the level of hot, stinging trails smoldering across her flesh.  Meanwhile, the vibrator made everything pulse inside.  Its deep thrumming sensation seemed to reach all the way from her skull to her toes.  It pulled insistently at her clit, bringing more searing heat through her senses.  The heaviness in her womb grew until she  thought her stomach must be distended far beneath her.  Everything felt as if it swelled tighter and tighter, until Raven was positive she would soon burst from the strain.

A delicious singe of greater want licked through her clit, a feeling Raven knew was the few seconds’ precursor to climax.  It spread to her pussy lips and deeper inside, where the shaft of the vibrator trembled her swollen tissues.  It moved deeper still, into her ass where the butt plug filled her with dark erotic need.  It lit her abdomen and sent tendrils of carnal bliss weaving up her spine.  It lit wherever the many tails of Vendeen’s flogger fell, feeding on the intense sensation of his seductive cruelty.  Raven’s pussy drew tight, readying itself for release.  Her jaw dropped open as the first flutters trembled her core, and her eyes slid shut.  Oh yes.  Yes...

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