Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Sister Katherine

“I love you too,” he whispered to her.  “I have since that moment I first saw you.  All the others were beautiful, but you outshone them until there was no one else.”

Her eyes stung at his heartfelt declaration.  “Make me yours,” she told him.

Vadef lifted her with one arm so that she hovered over his rigid lengths.  He positioned them to enter and slowly lowered her down.  

Katherine’s breath caught as her sex and anus parted to admit him.  She’d thought Simdow had surely exhausted her amorous needs.  The sensation of Vadef filling her, sending that delicious friction to rub that perfect spot, had her eager once more.  Her head fell back and she groaned with shameless pleasure.

“Do I really feel good to you, my Matara?” the Imdiko asked.  His face had gone soft with desire, but the line between his brows told Katherine he still worried.
For an answer, Katherine again planted her feet and grabbed onto his shoulders.  She rose and fell over Vadef, moaning softly as she moved him through her.

He cupped her breasts, pushing them up and bowing his head to capture one in his mouth.  Katherine cried out to feel him suckle as she rode him.  His mouth, teeth, and tongue pleasured one mound and then the other, yet it felt as if the sensations came from her clit instead.  

Vadef reared back.  Looking into her eyes, he opened his mouth to let her see his fangs unhinge.  A thrill of elated terror shot through Katherine.  Too caught up in the shivery thrills coursing through her body, she kept making love to the Imdiko even as he set the points of his fangs an inch above the areola of one breast, dimpling the flesh.

He bit.  Katherine cried out as pain briefly scorched.  Then it died even though Vadef’s fangs remained embedded in her softness.  As his venom pumped into her, he sucked on her nipple, bringing pleasure once more to the fore.

Tendrils of euphoria misted through her mind, and her sex and anus felt the thick lengths moving through them with greater sensitivity than before.  Katherine clung ever tighter to Vadef, wanting to find some way of merging them into one soul so they would never be separated again.  After several moments, Vadef released her breast.

“Hold on,” he murmured.  He fell back so that he lay flat on the bed with Katherine on top.

She squatted over him now, her palms braced against his chest.  She was delighted to straddle the Imdiko.  It was easier now to swing her hips up and forward and to push back with greater force than before.  Vadef was like a big playground for her now, his body stretched beneath her for her pleasure.  Yet she still concentrated on him, on watching his expressions to find that squeezing interior muscles made his hips jerk upward uncontrollably.  Grinding in small circles when their loins met not only sent darts of excitement through her clitoris, but it made her lover’s eyes glaze over.  She varied the speed and force of her movements to make him gasp one second and moan the next.  His sounds of bliss were music to Katherine’s ears.  It made her feel confident.  She could serve her husbands, not simply be the recipient of their attentions.

Yet Vadef only allowed her control for a brief time.  Too soon, his hands closed over her hips, and he bent his knees to brace his feet against the sleeping surface.  The Imdiko moved Katherine up and down, setting the pace and strength of the lovemaking.  While Katherine melted under his control, she still wished to treat him.

“Let me,” she said, trying to reassert control.

Vadef grinned.  “You wish to fight for dominance, my Matara?”  His grip on her tightened.  He moved her faster.

“No.  I want to take care of your needs.”  Katherine had to brace herself in order not to fall on top of the Imdiko.  His strength was overwhelming.

“I am the caregiver.  My needs are met by meeting yours.”

“That hardly seems fair.  Vadef, would you–”

Her protest cut off.  He had moved her slightly, just enough that the tip of his cock hit that sensitive spot inside on its way in.  Her elbows gave out, spilling her onto his torso.

His chest rumbled with laughter.  “Well, it seems I found your weakness.  I win.”

“Vadef,” she groaned, but he kept moving her up and down, slamming her against his driving groin.   Katherine discovered another place of sensitivity as he not only rubbed hard against the heated area of her sleeve, but also came in contact with something deep inside that sent spears of pleasure deep into her belly, ecstasy so extreme that it almost hurt.

Katherine gave a little scream.  Vadef’s gentle face turned wicked with a knowledgeable grin.  He wouldn’t let up, and she hurtled towards climax.  She tried to escape because the elation was too much, only to find she truly was no match for the Imdiko.  He took her with uncompromising power, his purple eyes boring into hers as if to let her know he could be ruthless in his lust.  Rather than frightening or offending Katherine, the display only excited her more.  She couldn’t make him stop, and she couldn’t get away.  She could only hang on as he filled her over and over, igniting a conflagration that swept through her body with sensational speed and force.

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