Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged

   “I’m nothing but a prisoner to you.  You’ll take what you want no matter what I do.”
   Miragin’s eyes narrowed.  “I take what I’m given.  Nothing more.”
   He drove her backwards, forcing her up against the wall.  He pinned her arms over her head with one hand, the other busying itself roughly with her breasts.  His thumb rubbed against a nipple until it poked blatantly against the thin fabric of her bra and blouse.  Elisa moaned and writhed in his grip as electric jolts flashed down into her core.  Wetness seeped steadily from her crotch.
   Miragin plucked at the hard nub, making Elisa emit tiny cries.  “Tell me to stop.  Tell me no, and it ends right now.”
   She moaned.  She twisted.  She couldn’t get away.  Miragin opened the buttons of her blouse, parting the fabric to reveal her chest, bra, and stomach.  He shoved the bra up, letting her breasts spill out.  He pinched the nipples, bringing Elisa up on her toes as excitement rocketed through her guts.  She opened her mouth and strained to rebuke him.  The words wouldn’t come.
   The Imdiko yanked her skirt down so hard Elisa thought he would tear it right off.  Instead it fell to her ankles, puddling around her slippered feet.  The power display undid her, and any thought of resistance was gone in a wash of excruciating ardor.
   Since Miragin’s clan had already torn her panties into shreds, she wore nothing from the waist down.  The Imdiko growled to see her pussy exposed, and his hand dove between her legs to find her wet and ready for him.  Elisa arched to feel his touch there and then cried out when he shoved two fingers inside.  He pumped, fucking her hard like that.
   “Shall I leave you alone now, Elisa?” he asked.  “Do you still want that?”
   She sobbed denial at the thought.  Her pussy clamped down hard on the driving digits, as if in protest.  If he left her like this, she would come apart.  Elisa did not want Miragin to abandon her.  Not now, not ever.
   Ticklish heat flickered through her sleeve as the Imdiko continued to finger fuck her.  Elisa moved her hips to greet each demanding thrust, opening herself to his use.  Tiny convulsions shuddered through her abdomen as she gave herself over to her captor.  Now there was no right or wrong, no thoughts of being a traitor.  In this moment, there was only the building tension, the coiling of excitement as Miragin ushered her towards rapture.  Nothing mattered but the man holding her, making her feel good and safe and not alone.
   Even as Elisa surrendered everything to him, Miragin pulled free of her clutching sheath.  He pulled open the crotch seam of his trousers, freeing his engorged cocks.  They were thick and wet, eager to invade her, ready to claim her as their prize.
   She groaned.  “Miragin.  Miragin, please.”
   The Imdiko released her wrists.  He bent a little, scooping her legs into the crooks of his arms, lifting her up against the wall, angling her for the first thrust.  As if guided by an unseen hand, his cocks zeroed in on their intended openings.  The tips settled right where Elisa needed them to be.
Miragin stared into her eyes.  His fangs were down, showing behind the front square teeth as he spoke in a thick, almost animal snarl.  “If you don’t want me, say so.  Say stop and it ends right now.  Otherwise, I am going to fuck you until you scream for me.”
   Elisa shook all over.  She thought he might hurt her in his bestial lust.  Something in her wanted him to.  That part howled against the idea of making him stop, drowning out the sensible terror that should have made her fight him off.  She said nothing, only keened with desperate want and anticipation of agony.  
   Miragin answered the call.  He sheathed himself within her in one smooth, quick thrust.  The act drove all the air from Elisa’s lungs as her body seized around the intruders.  It did hurt, the blast of torment wondrous for the beauty of it.  She’d been overcome, claimed, and possessed.  In that moment, she belonged to him without reservation.
   He rode her hard, plunging deep with every jerk of his hips, moving her up and down against the wall.  Miragin fucked her mercilessly, taking her with a power she’d not guessed one of his gentle nature could possess.  The fullness of the double penetration and the hot friction of his driving lengths against her G-spot had Elisa’s guts twisting and tumbling and churning, as if a violent storm had been unleashed within her.  In a matter of minutes, orgasm broke through her, dazzling flashes of brightness blasting in quick succession.

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