Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                One man moved towards the combatants on the fighting field. He was no medic ... and certainly not an Imdiko. Clajak forgot how to breathe.
                The man’s countenance was as savage as any Nobek, complete with lips wrinkling back from fangs. Yet the man heading fearless into the fight was easily the most perfect specimen of masculine beauty Clajak had ever seen. Long black hair rippled down a broad back and fell forward to frame a face so flawlessly formed that it looked unreal. Everything, from the man’s square jaw to his sculpted body, was a faultless work of art. The sweat that set a glowing sheen on his unblemished mocha-colored skin highlighted the swells of carved muscle. Little was hidden from Clajak’s rapt stare, as the stunning specimen wore the same brief shorts as the warriors he waded through. The Nobek fell into the happy medium of Egilka’s long-limbed grace and Clajak’s bulkier build. If he had any defect, the prince couldn’t see it.
                Clajak heard his Imdiko’s intake of breath. He didn’t have to check to see if Egilka had sighted the godlike being shoving aside fighters as he worked his way to the fallen soldier. The Nobek eclipsed everything around him.
                He reached the stunned man lying on the ground and yanked him up to a sitting position with a handful of hair. He bent to glare into the groggy eyes.
                “That’s all you can take? My mother could take a dozen of those punches and spit in your face, you weakling!”
                With that, the god picked up the still woozy soldier and slung him over one powerful shoulder. He walked to the edge of the roped-off field and flung the disgraced fighter to land at the feet of the medics.
                As the beautiful brute started to turn back towards the continued fighting, he caught sight of Clajak’s party. He sketched a bow towards them, his brilliant purple eyes widening a little as he acknowledged he had an emperor in attendance. His gaze flicked to Egilka and Clajak.
                A grin split his face. Even with his fangs still showing, the man – no doubt an instructor – suddenly looked very un-Nobeklike. He was even more impossibly gorgeous with that merry expression.
                His deep laugh sent a shiver down Clajak’s spine as he looked to Yuder again. “That does it. I’m recruiting my mother to make us a real army. Then you’ll see some genuine strength, my emperor!”
                Clajak didn’t hear his father’s reply. He wasn’t sure Yuder said anything. All his senses were absorbed in the amazing man who stalked amongst the flagging fighters, jeering and insulting them in turn. The jibes were colored with offbeat humor, not something Clajak thought typical for a Nobek.

Releasing November 2015


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