Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conviction (M/M/M)

The Imdiko felt so crazed with erotic need that he at first failed to note the sensation of something gently stroking over his back, ass, thighs, belly, and chest.  It whispered compared to the deafening clamor of the other things happening to him.

Panting, making noises that sounded suspiciously like whimpers, Krijero finally detected the barely-there touch.  He looked to see what was happening to him now.

Wynhod looked at him over his shoulder as he dragged a looped leather strap over Krijero’s skin.  The Imdiko went very still despite his rioting senses.  He’d completely forgotten Wynhod’s intention to beat his ass.

“No,” he moaned, remembering in his desperation how to beg for mercy.  “I can’t, no more, I really, really can’t—” 

“Hush,” the Nobek said, his tone almost gentle.  “I’ve been looking forward to this for months.  Are you really going to let me get you in this position and then try to convince me to stop?”

Gelan weighed in.  “You did tell us your body was ours for the night.”

Krijero made a strangled noise deep in his throat.  The strap ran down his abdomen to caress his cocks.  They jerked as climax swelled in his groin only to be washed back unrealized.  He yanked desperately at the straps around his wrists.

“Easy.  Don’t hurt yourself.  That’s my job.”  Wynhod chuckled and drew back.

The first strike on Krijero’s ass was almost tender, barely stinging his buttocks.  The Imdiko, keyed up to the breaking point, jerked anyway.  The action once more made the butt plug jab deep, sending ripples of harsh elation through his body.  He opened his mouth wide to howl.

Gelan pushed something into Krijero’s mouth.  The Imdiko abruptly found himself unable to close his jaw.  Gelan had placed a mouth jack over his teeth, made to keep him from biting down.  The stiff mold held his mouth wide open.  A plate covered his palate, rendering his fangs incapable of unhinging.

Wynhod’s strap splashed across the Imdiko’s ass again, this time harder.  Krijero cringed from the burning sting and more erotic ecstasy drove through his loins.  He shrieked from the wild swirl of pain and pleasure.  Release fought to escape and failed once again.  

Gelan stood on the sleeping mat and opened the crotch of his pants.  One hand seized the back of Krijero’s head.  With the other, the Dramok guided his glistening penis to the Imdiko’s braced mouth.  The sharp-sweetish flavor of Gelan’s cock glided over the Imdiko’s tongue.

Wynhod’s strap fell faster and harder, sending Krijero’s ass into paroxysms of delighted agony.  Meanwhile, Gelan fucked his mouth, sending his hot, pulsing cock into the psych’s throat while the second one rubbed up and down his chin.  Krijero instinctively swallowed to take the length without choking, his screams muffled when he could draw breath to utter them.

It was a maelstrom of torturous rapture, the likes of which the Imdiko had never known in all his forays in the pleasure clubs.  Bliss and misery combined to drive him out of his mind with craving. 
Gelan’s delicious cock slipped in and out.  The Dramok gasped as he fucked Krijero’s mouth, his eyes half-lidded in pleasure.  His prick was so hot, the veins pulsing hard and fast.  Had Krijero not been so consumed with his own needs, he would have enjoyed serving Gelan’s, making the big man groan and his juices flow.  However, being at Gelan’s service only heightened the Imdiko’s desperate want, increasing his carnal agony.

The warm sleeve on his cock continued to stroke his eager flesh with its unmerciful soft grip.  Added to the constant rubbing of the cum spot deep in his ass, lust coiled violently tight in Krijero’s groin.  The pressure grew and grew as eager climax tried time and again to push free, only to be pushed back by the tight grip of the cockring.

The steady fall of Wynhod’s strap against Krijero’s defenseless ass added thrilling stings and fiery heat to the maelstrom.  The Imdiko couldn’t help but jerk with each slap of leather against flesh, grinding the ass plug ever harder into his prostate.  

His conscious mind uncoupled, overwhelmed by the continuous cycle of ecstatic torture.  He lost all knowledge of himself as a man, as a thinking being.  Only raw, desperate want and the inability to satisfy it existed.  His brain, a continuously thinking, evaluating, worrying creature, ceased to work.  Krijero was reduced to an organism of pure sensation.

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