Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer (M/M)

“I do not enjoy having a cock up my ass, Lidon.  I would not forgive it if you made me take it.  Especially not under the influence of a bite.”  He tried to sound powerful, but he was gasping with the need for orgasm.

“Then you have a lot to learn yet,” Lidon answered.  His stare was evaluating, even as he rutted into Tranis’ grip.  “But perhaps receiving the lesson from someone else would serve you better.  Keep stroking, Tranis, and I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Tranis groaned.  “Your ass.  I want your ass.”

“You shall have it, but I will direct the pace.  You have to give up some of that precious control you’re so in love with.”

“I don’t know if I can do that.”

Lidon squeezed tight as he pumped Tranis’ cocks.  A cruel mixture of pain and ecstasy surged, making Tranis arch.  A thin scream escaped his throat, but he still couldn’t climax.  He couldn’t fight or escape either.  Lidon still had too much of a hold on him.

The strong hold on his pricks eased a little.  Tranis gasped for breath.  “All right, you brutal bastard.  Your pace.  I don’t care.  Just let me fuck you.”

Lidon grinned at him.  “Keep pulling on me like a good boy.  Don’t stop, or I’ll leave you lying here, unable to shoot off.”

Tranis’ eyes widened.  Would the Nobek really do that to him?

Lidon let go of his smaller cock to pull his pants down as far as his leg brace would allow.  Then he moved forward and eased down onto Tranis’ front penis.  Tranis cried out to be enclosed in the grip of such heat.  He shuddered, wanting to plunge in and out, forging into Lidon quickly, to take him hard.  His ass remained as if rooted to the ground however.  He could only lie there helplessly as Lidon rose and fell over him.

Lidon adjusted his angle and groaned loudly.  “That’s the spot.  Right the fuck there.”  His dark gaze seemed to swallow Tranis.  “How do I feel, Tranis?”

The Dramok licked his lips.  “Hot.  Tight.  Like this.”

He squeezed Lidon’s cocks to approximate the heady pressure he felt.  The Nobek’s head fell back, and he groaned to the sky overhead.  “Yeah, that’s pretty damned good.  Keep pumping, Dramok.  Keep pumping just like that.  Keep pace with me.”

Lidon took Tranis harder and faster.  Tranis’ eyes rolled as his cock moved in and out of the firm confines of the Nobek’s ass.  He jerked the cocks in his hands, staying in rhythm as he was told.  Fuck, his release was right there, just waiting for the word to flood from his dick.  A desperate whine  left his throat.  It hurt, he needed to come and it hurt...

Lidon gasped as he braced himself against Tranis’ chest, pounding against the captive body beneath him.  His fangs descended, and his eyes were almost black as he worked himself over Tranis’ rigid prick.

“Right … there.  That spot … right there…”

Tranis strained to release his load.  It stayed right at about the base of his cock, the pressure building ever higher.  A desperate cry left his lips.  “Nobek, please.”

“Come, Tranis.  Come now.”

There was a sensation at the base of Tranis’ spine, as if he’d been punched by a heavy fist.  His rear cock seized and drew excruciatingly tight.  A fiery path spilled into his forward prick, rushing up to burn a trail.  He arched beneath Lidon, shrieking as it erupted, spilling molten liquid into the other man’s ass.  His cocks throbbed and pulsed, moving ecstasy outward in agonizing bursts.

Lidon groaned.  “Dramok … yes…”

Tranis was barely aware of thick strands of wet heat spurting over his belly, chest, and chin.  He was too consumed with the tormenting bliss of climax still escaping his body.  The raw ache eclipsed everything else for a long time.

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