Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                Clajak hefted Egilka off his shoulder, putting him on his still smarting ass on the dirt floor of the tiny, unadorned room. The Dramok deposited him gently enough, but Egilka winced and moaned anyway. Clajak had a nasty spanking hand.
                The prince stood over him, looking down with a set expression. A sense of authority came off him as he stared at Egilka. The powerful body, dominant stance, and riveting eyes combined to make Egilka want to cower. The Imdiko felt vulnerable at his feet, very much the weaker of the pair. 
                For some reason, his cocks jerked as he took in the man standing over him. Egilka tried to ignore the excitement sending warmth to his groin. If Clajak had the slightest inkling what his display of command had on the Imdiko, then there would be no telling what might happen.
                Egilka got his feet under him. He moved carefully, not knowing what to expect from the Dramok. Yet he did his best to appear unaffected by Clajak, pretending he was not intimidated or enticed by the other man. He would continue to play the situation as if angry ... though his fury had already ebbed.
                He gave Clajak what he hoped was a convincing scowl as he dusted dirt off his clothing. “Fine. You found us some privacy to talk at normal conversational levels. Say what you want and then get out of my way.”
                Clajak’s arms folded over his chest. The posture made his biceps bulge in a way that turned Egilka’s mouth dry. “You’re going to honor our arranged clanning, Imdiko. You will not call it off.”
                The forbidding voice only fueled the heat in Egilka’s groin. Damn it, when Clajak turned the authority on he was much too tempting. Egilka had the urge to jump on the man and rub himself all over his muscular body.
                Instead he asked in a frosty tone, “Why shouldn’t I?  You’ve made it plain you don’t want me as your Imdiko.  Otherwise, you would have been on Kalquor when it came time to announce our union.”
                Clajak’s jaw tensed. “Just because I delayed it doesn’t mean I don’t want it.”
                “You’ve got a funny way of showing it. I come here to get you, you fuck me, and you leave.” A note of hurt tried to creep into Egilka’s tone. He quashed it.
                “I’m here now.  I’m not running away, am I? That was you this time.”
                Clajak’s arms lowered to his sides. His gaze was all steely intent as he took a step towards Egilka. Now he wasn’t a commanding Dramok; he had become a predator. A thrill shot down Egilka’s spine. Clajak took another step towards him. Egilka backed away, unsure if he wanted to be caught or not.

Releasing mid-December 2015

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