Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

Rachel thought, I’m ready for it all right.  Crammed gloriously, if somewhat painfully full of Kalquorians, she’d never known such an amazing sense of completion.  The thought of what it would be like to have Conyod here as well, his forward cock shoved down her throat, made her writhe.  It would happen.  It had to.

“Easy, Ray-Ray.”  Erybet gasped for breath.

He moved, slipping out of her until only the tip of him remained in her slick grasp.  Then the Dramok thrust in.  As he did so, plunging deep, Sletran slid all but the smallest bit of himself loose.  The friction of the two men moving inside her, going in opposite directions, was intense.  Then Erybet was withdrawing and Sletran was re-entering.  The ache was diminishing, getting lost in the powerful surge of desire.  All Rachel could do was hold onto the wide shoulders before her as they plunged into her in turns, thrusting harder and harder as her cries urged them on.  The tightness of having two men inside her at once meant heavy pressure on every little sensitive nerve.  She was swamped with carnal ecstasy, her body swelling with awesome need.  The cocks shoved deep inside, claiming her over and over.  She sobbed with the glorious feel of the flesh surrounding and invading her.

Sletran’s voice in her ear was a primal growl.  “You must climax, my lovely warrior.  I cannot hold off much longer.”

“I have her.  Bring her now,” Erybet gasped.  His hands tightened on her waist.

Sletran released the grip he had on one of her buttocks.  His fingers reached between her legs, where Erybet’s cock dove in and out of her pussy faster and harder than ever.  The Nobek found her clit.  He pinched.

Rachel’s entire lower body seized as heat and force blasted through her.  She shrieked at the ceiling as huge washes of release burst through.  Her body twisted and fought the monstrous force having its way with her but was unable to move very much for the two blocks of Kalquorian stone that trapped her.  Gorgeous crescendo sizzled all the way up her spine, forcing itself out through screams that tore from her throat.

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