Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Alien Interludes: A Family Affair

Yuder grinned wickedly and obliged her by rolling over onto his back, bringing her with him so that she lay on top of him.  Tara braced herself up, her palms flat on his chest.  She immediately slid up and down over his body, cooing with renewed arousal as he slipped lusciously within her.  The position made her clit drag over his groin with amazing friction, and she gushed honey.  Yuder drew breath in through clenched teeth.

“You will end up killing me, woman!”

She raised her eyebrow in her sauciest expression.  “Is that a complaint?  Should I stop?”

He growled at her, showing his fangs.  “Don’t you dare.  If I can’t die in glorious battle, this would be my preferred method.”

Tara decided to do something that drove Yuder absolutely wild.  She started talking about what they were doing.

“Oh, you feel so big and thick inside me,” she sighed.  “Filling me up full.”

He growled, the pupils of his eyes growing until the blue-purple irises were all but eclipsed.

“Moving in and out.  Putting pressure on every surface inside me.  Yuder, it feels so good, making love to you.  Put your hands on me.”

He did, covering her small, still firm breasts.  He cupped one and strained to suck the turgid nipple into his mouth.

“Oh yes.  Your mouth and hands on my breasts.  Your cocks inside my rear and vagina.  Yes, Yuder.  Yes, my love.”

Yuder growled, drawing her breast deep into his mouth before switching to the other one.  He was becoming a little rougher with her, a sign her verbal teasing was getting to him.

Tara ground little circles with her hips as she worked him with her slow, steady pace.  “Feel how wet and warm I am around you.  How easily I open to you but still snug, holding you tight inside me.  Feel me giving myself to you.”

His head slammed back onto the pillow, his hands sliding down from her chest to her hips, gripping tight.  Tara was giddy with her power over this man who outweighed her by more than a hundred pounds.  One more sentence and she would drive him beyond control.

“Feel me fucking you, Yuder.”

He reared up at her base words, fangs fully extended.  She cried out as they impaled her neck, sending sweet euphoria into her, making her come again.  Tara barely noticed she was now on her back, Yuder above her, letting go of the bite, his face grim with lust and determination as he fought his instincts to batter her with his need, his thrusts powerful but controlled.  Even maddened with animal desire, Yuder would not allow himself to hurt her.

Moments later the strain on his face disappeared, erased by the bliss of realization.  The thickness of him spasmed in Tara’s still clenching hearth, sending a stream of himself inside, mingling his essence with her.  Tara groaned loudly as another thunderclap of orgasm sounded within.

And then all was warmth and belonging as they gasped in unison, the high of climax dissipating into the gentler goodness of simply being in each others’ presence.  Yuder rolled onto his side and gathered Tara to his shaking body, keeping himself immersed inside her.  They proclaimed their tempestuous love with tender kisses.

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