Friday, June 5, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Unholy Union

Ash yanked her out onto the balcony and made her bend over the waist-high iron railing.  Elaine gasped as she looked down at the sidewalk where a few people hurried in and out of the restaurant below.  It was too cold for anyone to dawdle, and everyone who was out tonight was hunched against the chill, their heads down.  

Ash pressed up against her from behind, his hand working between their bodies as he freed his rigid manhood from his pants.  He pushed Elaine’s tee-shirt up to her waist, baring her backside.  She shuddered from the cold but didn’t protest for fear someone would hear her and look up at the balcony.

Despite the temperature being in the uncomfortable mid-forties, Elaine’s lower parts were in an agony of excitement.  Ash had no problem slipping easily into her wet folds.

I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Elaine gripped the railing in both hands, bracing herself against Ash’s hard thrusts.  One of his hands gripped the back of her neck, keeping her safe from falling over.  The other groped inside her tee-shirt, grasping her breast and lifting her scant bit of cover up to her ribs.  If anyone looked up at the balcony, they’d be treated to the honey-haired triangle of Elaine’s sex through the open scrollwork of the iron railing.  

The cold was miserable, making her nose, fingertips and toes sting.  But overwhelming the discomfort was the sweet fulfillment of Ash’s sex thrumming into hers.  She felt empty, sometimes to the point of physical pain, without him inside.  Even when he was overbearing and a little cruel, as he was now, it was worlds better than not being joined.  Elaine felt lost without him, and she worried what would happen when their affair ended.

Exposed and at Ash’s mercy, white-hot passion flared in Elaine’s belly.   She no longer cared if anyone saw them.  She even welcomed the threat that a passerby would spy the carnal activity overhead.  She imagined a crowd gathering below, wide eyed with shock to see her bent over the railing, her legs and sex spread wide apart for the gorgeous man pushing in and out of her core, taking her like a master would a slave.  Elaine bit her lips against the growing need to cry out from the coming wave of ecstasy.

Look up here.  Look up here and see what I’m letting him do she silently coaxed the people below.  She suddenly wanted them to witness her depravity.  But fewer and fewer were braving the cold now.  No one spared the slightest glance upward.

Her sheath flexed despite her efforts to keep climax at bay, her attempt to hold out in the hopes that someone would witness the public coupling.  Bliss would not be denied, and spasms erupted as Ash quietly grunted his own release.  Elaine exhaled white plumes as she expelled hushed sobs of completion.  Her sleeve milked her lover’s long, thick cock for every drop it could gather.

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