Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 4: Alien Salvation

The two men lay on the ground on either side of Lindsey so they could look up at her face. Strangely, she felt more exposed and vulnerable that way then when they’d looked at where she and Vax joined. Her belly quivered.

The Imdiko rocked his hips, smoothly pulling out and pushing back in. His hand reached beneath Lindsey to stroke her clitoris. Pleasure was gathering itself, readying to steamroll through her body. She groaned.

“Pretty slave.” Deep in the fog of arousal, Lindsey wasn’t sure who said it. Fingers closed over one nipple, tightening on the nub to send shivers of delight into her womb.

“Eager. I think slave disobey again soon.”

More fingers touched her, inciting growing passion. He was right. Lindsey wouldn’t be able to deny another climax. The thought of more punishment brought the burgeoning climax closer. Lindsey shuddered. Vax thrust faster into her accepting warmth. She groaned through gritted teeth. The hot friction drove her nearer to the precipice.

“I punish slave next.” The greed in Bacoj’s tone told her he looked forward to discipline as much as she did.

The orgasm was starting, an exploding star burning brighter and brighter. Vax was steadily drumming against her sore backside, his hips pumping harder and harder, as if he’d drive his length right through her.

“Ah. Ah. Aaaah,” Lindsey cried, the exhalations getting longer as the conflagration swept through her, sending burning heat to raze her entire being. Her body quaked in helpless shudders, and she couldn’t help but meet Vax’s thrusts with her own. The desperate urge to consume him drove away all thoughts of obedience as she rammed her flesh back to swallow him.

Vax’s shout silenced the peepers, and Lindsey came anew to feel him pulse hugely in the tight confines of her passage. She fell to her elbows and pounded her small fists against the spongy ground.

Bacoj’s hands closed over her wrists to hold her still and keep her from hurting herself. Lindsey sobbed in helpless bliss as the shockwaves pulsed hugely through her abdomen. To think she’d once contemplated lifelong celibacy! The Kalquorians had shown her the error of her ways.

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