Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                Egilka was a tough nut to crack. That he’d not had a lover for two years – two years! – told Clajak they still had some issues to settle. The Imdiko might be older, wiser, and far more responsible than the prince, but there were some areas in which Egilka still had some growth due.
                Clajak eased back from the other man, watching closely to make sure he didn’t wake. It seemed counterintuitive to leave Egilka’s bed now that they’d finally gotten a taste of one another. Yet Clajak knew he had some thinking to do. He couldn’t parse out his next move objectively, not when the warmth of the Imdiko was pressed against him, not when that long, lovely body lay naked next to him.
                He thought, you’ll still chase me, my duty-bound lover. But not far. And not for long.
                He pulled away and got to his feet by the mat. He looked down on the slumbering Egilka. Clajak’s cocks gave a jerk, looking over the lithe lines of that delicious body. He had enjoyed fucking Egilka, just as he’d known he would. He looked forward to all the encounters they would have over their shared lifetime, to exploring the Imdiko’s desires and fantasies. It was going to be a grand adventure, if Egilka would relax long enough to appreciate it. The challenge would be getting past the man’s rigid thinking and behavior. To convince Egilka that there was more to life than duty driven by promises made to one who could no longer benefit from them. To show him there was indeed joy after heartbreak and grief.
                The slight smile on the Imdiko’s face smoothed out the harsher planes. Clajak smiled. He would be good for Egilka, maybe as much as Egilka would be good for him.

Releasing mid-December 2015

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