Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                Egilka said, “Clajak, fortunately I know there is more to you than drinking and fucking.  That exclusive contract with the Grynaryt must have been a bitch to wrangle. The trade negotiations with the Adraf you carried out before coming here were quite a coup.  Merchants are proclaiming you a hero at the cut in duty fees they’ll have to pay.”
                Clajak’s devilish grin returned. “That escapade was entirely too respectable.  Now I must destroy my people’s goodwill with ribald debauchery lest they expect more wonderful things from me.”
                Egilka rolled his eyes. While members of the Royal Council often made pointed remarks about Clajak’s excesses, there was no doubt Kalquorians adored their crown prince. Clajak was decent enough to represent the Empire well in trade agreements and wild enough to keep the population entertained. Kalquorians loved to hear of his various exploits.
                Egilka told him, “I’ve had enough excitement to last me for a little while.  Once we get home and your parents are content with me getting you there and we have made them happy by giving them their clanning ceremony, do whatever you please.”

Releasing mid-December 2015


  1. Clajak is such a hoot. Egilka poor guy has his work cut out for him trying to stay ahead of Clajak's craziness.

  2. I love the Clan Beginnings books! Looking so forward to this story.