Friday, May 1, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

He slapped the undersides of Cissy’s breasts in turn, bouncing them lightly and making them jiggle. She cried out. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Stop slapping my tits!” she yelled.

“Your tits?” Diltan snorted. “I think not. Tonight, these belong to my clan. Every inch of you does. Your body is ours to do with as we desire. If you behave and do as you’re told, we might even allow you another climax. If you don’t, we’ll go home. It’s as simple as that.”

Cissy glared in disbelief. Her arms strained against the sash secured around her wrists and Wal’s hold, which pinned her arms to the back of the lounger. She kicked, but Rolat held her legs too far apart to allow her to escape or land a blow to Diltan. She yelled as she struggled.

The juices creeping from her open pussy and the rush of soft female scent told Diltan Cissy enjoyed her helplessness. Nevertheless, he reminded her, “Saying ‘stop’ in Earther means nothing tonight. Only sholt tells me you’ve had enough.”

“You big jerk!” she yelled. “Who are you to tell me I belong to you? Where do you get off, pal?”

“Keep mouthing off and I’ll gag you,” Diltan warned. “Now, where was I before you so rudely interrupted me? Oh yes, these luscious bits.”

He leaned in and captured one peachy-pink nipple in his mouth. Moaning with pleasure, Diltan sucked on the delectable flesh, rubbing his tongue over the tip to make it hard. 

Cissy’s struggles immediately ceased. She panted as the Dramok mouthed one peaked nipple then the other.

Her flesh is so sweet. I’d swear she could melt on my tongue.

It took real effort to release the delicious orb he suckled. Diltan managed to do so, but only because he knew he could re-claim it at any time.

He went back to bouncing Cissy’s breasts in his palms, striking the undersides enough to deliver stinging punishment. She yipped, her hazel eyes going wide again. Between the tiny cries of pain, she gasped harder than ever. Diltan’s quick glance at her pussy confirmed she continued to cream. Either pain or being controlled or both were her weaknesses. He would capitalize on that knowledge.

“Magnificent breasts, aren’t they?” he asked his clanmates.

“I can’t wait to maul them myself,” Rolat agreed. Quiet as ever, Wal simply grinned around his fangs.

“Why – why are you smacking them?” Cissy panted. She looked as if she was trying to be angry. If that was the case, she failed miserably. Her expression tended more towards softness. Her eyes had glazed over.

“Because I can,” Diltan replied. To underscore that assertion, he gave the side of the left breast a loud slap, cupping his palm to deliver more sound than pain ... but further pain than his earlier swats had offered.

Cissy’s reaction was instantaneous. She moaned, her gaze growing hazier. She arched away from Rolat at her back, as if to beg for more of Diltan’s harsh attention.

“Just as I thought,” Diltan whispered, more to himself than anyone else. “A little pain and much restraint in intimate affairs to balance out the fierce independence on your public face.”

“Perfection,” Wal murmured. 

Diltan glanced up at his Imdiko to grin his agreement before focusing on Cissy once more. “All right, young woman. Now that I know where your head is, let’s see how well I can capitalize on it.”

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