Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 3: Alien Conquest

She kissed the worst scar, a massive lump of raised pale skin high on Lidon’s upper thigh.  She continued to kiss the leg, wishing not to heal the scars of which he was justifiably proud, but the pain, both past and present.  She didn’t examine why it was important to her.  Her mind shied from analyzing her motivations.

Lidon’s sexes responded to Cassidy’s caresses, coming to twin exclamation points.  The cinnamon-y scent of his arousal surrounded her.  She eyed the two organs.

Cassidy had never held a man in her mouth, but she wanted to taste this one now.  She wanted to know if her wounded and courageous captor’s flavor was as good as his scent.  Why shouldn’t she, now that there was no sense in escaping him?  It seemed as good a way as any to tell the clan she’d given up hope of leaving them.

A bead of liquid sat atop Lidon’s larger sex, beckoning her tongue to lick it delicately.  He shuddered all over when she did so.  Cassidy gazed up into the Nobek’s purple eyes as she rolled Lidon’s flavor around on her tongue.  A whisper of a growl left his lips, but he remained still.  

She was delighted to find the sweetish-spiciness of his seed tasted delicious.  She wanted more.  His members glistened with natural lubricant, and she ran her tongue slowly up both lengths, making Lidon groan.  He gripped the armrests of his chair, his knuckles turning the dark skin white.

Cassidy worked first on the smaller organ, licking it all over while her tiny fist held the larger one out of the way.  Next, she took it into her mouth, enjoying how the vein on the underside throbbed against her tongue.  She sucked hard, her cheeks dimpling as she drew him deep into her mouth.

Lidon panted as Cassidy moved her attentions to his larger penis.  Another drop of sweetness waited, and she accepted his offering by closing her mouth over the bullet tip.  She rubbed her velvety tongue over him, and his body thrummed with tension.

He was too big for her mouth to take him all, and she gripped the base of his penis with her hand.  She slowly enveloped his length in her mouth until she came close to gagging.  She backed off, sucking as she went.  Lidon’s growling groan informed her she wasn’t doing so badly despite her inexperience.  She slurped him in again, growing in confidence as his sex grew even more rigid under her attention.

His heavy hand moved to rest on the back of her head.  He pressed and released, pressed and released, guiding her rhythm.  Cassidy paid attention to the sounds he made, noting he grew louder when her tongue ran firmly against the vein on the underside of his sex.  She pressed harder on the pulsing flesh and was rewarded by a hiss of passion from her lover.

“Close, my little love,” Lidon warned.  “If you don’t slow down, I’ll lose control.”

Cassidy responded by bobbing her head over him even more enthusiastically.  She wanted this.  Now that she’d made her decision, she wanted him and the rest of the clan in every way possible.  If she was to fall into decadence, she would fall all the way to the bottom.

Lidon yelled, his groin jerking to her face, his hand pressing her head down.  Warm, spicy-sweet fluid spurted into her mouth, thickly coating her tongue.  Cassidy swallowed, hungrily devouring every precious, profane drop of the Nobek’s ardor.  He muttered words of his language deep in his throat as he gave himself over to her.

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