Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 1: Alien Embrace

Flencik’s fingers spread the soft petals of her sex, opening her completely to his scrutiny.  He stared at her secret flesh, his breath warm on her.  Feeling at once vulnerable and thrilled to be so scrutinized, Amelia spread her thighs wider.

Flencik slowly lowered his head, and Amelia sighed with expectation.  The rough alien tongue lapped her juices, this time keeping away from her pleasure bud.  After each lick, Flencik swallowed with deliberate slowness, his expression telling her he relished the taste of her.  Amelia’s desperate need for climax settled into steady pulses of gentler pleasure.  She sighed again as the tip of his tongue probed her anus and flattened out to sweep a path to her sex's lips.

The Imdiko’s tongue narrowed to press an entrance into her sex.  In and out it pushed into her center.  Amelia closed her eyes, wanting only to feel him and what he did to her.  Slow pulses of enjoyment suffused her belly.

Flencik’s mouth and tongue left her.  She opened her eyes.  He straightened until her ankles rested on his shoulders.  His penises probed at her secret flesh.

His sudden thrust buried him to the hilt in her softness.  Amelia cried out from mingled surprise and pain.  She clawed at the soft lounger beneath her as her body fought to adjust to the abrupt invasion.

The brief burst of hurt disappeared moments later, soothed by the delicious friction of his strokes.  Flencik held her legs against his chest, pulling her closer as he thrust himself into her.  Feeling the massive lengths rubbing the sweetest parts of her had arousal billowing huge once more.  Flashes of erotic lightning broke within, bringing orgasm closer by the moment.

The Kalquorian watched his cocks drive into her over and over, his eyes heavy-lidded with feral lust.  His upper lip wrinkled back, displaying long, needle-thin fangs half hidden behind his blunter, more human teeth.  Like a vampire, Amelia thought, watching the fangs with a combination of desire and fear.  Did he want to bite her?  Did Kalquorians drink blood?  What would it feel like if he plunged those fangs into her skin?

The liquid sounds of his sex sliding through hers was punctuated by the heavy slaps of his body pounding against her with greater and greater force.  Amelia grunted with each blow as he drove her hard.  His groin brushed her clit, adding those bright daggers of elation to her bliss.  The delicious fullness that bordered on pain grew in her belly as he took her powerfully.  She held on to his broad, sculpted shoulders, willing the explosion to come.  

Flencik rocked against her and the ticklish heat built to an inferno.  Amelia struggled to keep quiet so he wouldn’t know how close she was.  He must not deny her this time.  Her efforts were to no avail, however.  Her pleasure demanded a voice, and she cried out as it grew beyond the bounds of her belly.  “Please let me, please Flencik, please don’t stop...” her begging became incoherent. 

In response, the Imdiko rode her harder and faster, pushing her over the brink.  She came, clawing at his chest as her lungs burst with ragged cries.  

Flencik howled and drove his face against the side of her neck.  She felt a quick sting as his fangs sank into her throat.  She crested with fresh orgasm, feeling his mouth clamped over her skin, the teeth sunk deep in her flesh.

His sex pulsed as he emptied a hot flow of seed within her.  Amelia screamed her ecstasy as Flencik rode her mercilessly, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.  He pulled his fangs out and sucked at the wound he’d made.  She heard him swallow.  As he drew on her blood he growled against her neck, a devouring beast.  With each pull of his mouth, Amelia’s sex spasmed in helpless pleasure.

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  1. Tracy, I love the new cover and after I read this I decided to re-read Embrace, downloaded it and realized I have the old copy. Was there meny changes in the story ? and would it be worth my buying the new one ?

    1. Hi Vickie. There were over 10,000 words added to AE and a couple of scenes deleted. The overall storyline wasn't affected (same ending and such) but there were some substantial changes. Be warned that other readers have told me when they got the new version it replaced the original. If you get the new one, you'll apparently lose the old one. Gee, thanks Amazon. :P

  2. Thank you for the heads up , I got the original from B&N so I'll buy the new one from amazon :0) That was I'll have both versions.