Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown (WIP, M/M)

                Egilka wrapped his hand around the primary member, his grip tight. Clajak moaned in want, pushing hard into the firm circle of palm and fingers. Then he saw what was in the Imdiko’s other hand. He tried to wrench free, but his ass would shove only so far into the mat beneath him.
                “Oh please no,” Clajak begged as Egilka inserted his needy cock into the tight black circle of the ring. The Imdiko ignored him as he snugged it tight to the base of his stave. The cockring constricted Clajak, keeping him hard and ready ... and unable to ejaculate.
                Clajak wailed in irritation. “You bastard! A cockring is worse than being switched.”
                Egilka’s chuckle filled with evil. “That’s only the start of your troubles, my prince.”
                He next held up a sizeable dildo. Clajak hissed to see the way it curved near the tip, with a raised ridge. It had been made to rub a man’s prostate, guaranteeing extra excitement. It would be a luscious, poisonous hell for someone who couldn’t climax.
                Clajak jerked on his bonds again as Egilka lubed the awful thing up. “The ring is already a nasty punishment. Plus the switch. You’re going too far, you sadist. Can’t we talk about this?”
                “No.” Egilka lowered the dripping dildo down, bringing it between Clajak’s spread thighs, beneath his secondary cock. The tip nudged his asshole. “I take it you’ve kept this stretched during your little escape here? Poor you if you haven’t.”
                As a matter of fact, Clajak had. He enjoyed anal play, giving and receiving. But only if he was on top. Only if he was in charge.
                The dildo, tapered just like a Kalquorian cock, slipped inside Clajak’s ass. Sensual heat blazed in his secondary dick, filling it full and slipping towards the larger primary. The cockring let in the molten pleasure. It would not let it back out, however. Clajak groaned as he felt need swell thick inside the cock.
                “That’s it,” Egilka whispered, his lips wet as he stuffed Clajak’s ass full of exciting girth. “Take it, my beautiful prince.”
                Clajak’s passage opened to the insistent length, welcoming the implacable intrusion. He shouted when the curved ridge slid against his interior hotspot, setting off a heavy thunderclap of ecstasy. His back bowed as insistent fire burned its way into his pricks.
                Egilka moaned as if it was he being tormented. He bent down to bestow an open-mouthed kiss to Clajak’s livid pricks. The sensation of that raw silk tongue on him made the Dramok cry out again.
                The prince watched with lust-blurred eyes as Egilka stood up. The Imdiko’s hand went to the resealable seam at his pants’ crotch. It already showed signs of parting under the strain of his erections. Egilka finished the job, opening the seam to let his cocks tumble out.

Releasing December 2015

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