Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                When Egilka glared, as he did now, he had a wonderful dangerous quality. As a child, Clajak and his playmates had pretended to be pirates. As he got older, his fantasies of freedom and pillage aboard an outlaw submersion ship had matured. He thought of standing on a deck with Egilka at his side, wearing that very glare. Together they would plunder and then celebrate their exploits with wild sex in their shared cabin.
                Stupid kid stuff. Childish fancies. Yet in them, Egilka saw him as a grown man, an equal. A lover. Not a duty, which was the last thing Clajak wanted to be to him.
                Being caught running away by his intended had surely not elevated Clajak in his eyes today. It made him want to squirm in humiliation. Yet there was something else that made him want to squirm for entirely different reasons ... being tied up and under Egilka’s stern gaze was prime material for newer, more adult fantasies.
                Perhaps that was why the invitation Clajak never intended to make burst out anyway. “I would love to make it up to you.” He glanced at his still avid cocks to make sure Egilka got the message.
                The Imdiko’s eyes widened, and for an instant he bit his lips together. Then the composed, distant expression masked his face once more. “Save it, Clajak.  You can play with all the young Nobeks once you get home and clan me like you’re supposed to.”
                Clanning with Egilka would take all other Imdikos off the menu. Not that Clajak cared. He’d wanted his intended for what felt like forever. The tiny tremor he’d caught from his soon-to-be clanmate made him think he might actually get to realize that hope.
                Clajak pretended his heart wasn’t drumming fit to jump out of his chest. He gave the Imdiko a self-assured, cocky smile. “Aw, Egilka.  Look at me.  Look. Do I look like I’m pretending?”
                Egilka’s gaze shot to Clajak’s gleaming wet cocks. He jerked his head away quickly, as if he’d looked before he could stop himself. His scowl deepened.
                Yet the spicy scent of Kalquorian male arousal drifted from him, and the front of his gray trousers had bumped out. Clajak licked his lips. The Imdiko wanted him. The opportunity was too good to let slide by.

Releasing mid-December 2015

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