Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                They were not close as most men who would become lifelong companions were.  Their union had been arranged years ago, when Clajak had been only ten years old and Egilka twenty-seven.  For a long time, Egilka had felt more of an older brother to Clajak. As he trained for his eventual role as one of the three emperors of Kalquor, he’d watched his Dramok-to-be grow into manhood. The feeling of a sibling bond had remained strong until recently.
                These days, their relationship had turned tumultuous. The closer the time came to be clanned, the more Clajak avoided Egilka. His behavior, reckless and brash since his teens, became even more irresponsible. Even his parents, the Emperors and Empress of Kalquor, were losing all patience with their only child and heir. The young man performed all his duties as Crown Prince, but he made it a point to enjoy himself to distraction with lovers, drinking, and parties. His reputation throughout the Empire was fodder for gossip and rumor.
                “It’s just cold feet, Egilka,” Empress Irdis had told him. “Clajak still looks up to you. He respects you. You must not take it personally.”
                Egilka tried not to. He supposed someone as young and indulgent as Clajak probably found him to be stuffy and boring.  Perhaps that assessment was true.  The Imdiko was a research scientist, and he was the first to admit he’d let his passion turn into something of an obsession. Between training for eventual rulership and his work on solving the issue of Kalquorian women’s infertility, he was more business than pleasure ... a stark contrast to Clajak.
                The two men were not each other’s type. Even upon reaching manhood, Clajak had never shown the first moment’s interest in inviting Egilka to his bed. That had been something of a relief to the Imdiko. It was hard to look at the younger man he’d watch grow up and think of him as a lover, no matter how handsome he was or how outrageous the tales of his exploits.
                Until this moment. Until Egilka had seen that strong, sturdy body lying there, ready for love. A body built bigger and more muscular than Egilka’s. A body Egilka could well imagine touching, kissing, fucking. All at once he saw Clajak as a man and not the boy he’d often been babysitter and guide to.
                Egilka swallowed and tried to calm himself down. His pricks had swollen in response to Clajak’s gorgeous repose, making his body as eager as the Crown Prince’s. The Imdiko’s traitorous eyes caressed Clajak’s cocks with a hungry gaze. The twin tapered staves stood straight up from his reclining body, wet with natural lubrication. Egilka bit his lip. Clajak would fill him deliciously with the smaller prick, made for rear entry with a woman. The larger cock would take some serious stretching. It had been a long time since Egilka had enjoyed a lover, male or female. He’d been too busy with work and getting ready for the clanning ceremony.
                The clanning ceremony. Getting Clajak back to Kalquor so they could hold it was what Egilka needed to concentrate on. He was letting himself get distracted from his main purpose over eye candy. Sumptuous, brain-numbing eye candy, but it was unimportant right now.

Releasing December 2015

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