Friday, April 3, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

Vendeen withdrew his hand and examined the thick coat of honey she’d left on his fingers.  He sucked the moisture into his mouth, rolling it around on his tongue to test.  He nodded.  “It seems Daagiis was right.  Pain is a joy for your body.”

Raven’s cheeks burned worse than the frozen rings around her nipples.  She’d thought she only wanted a strong man on top.  Maybe a little playful spanking.  She hadn’t realized her body was geared to the extreme.

I’m a strong woman.  I’ve always been a strong woman.  Tough as nails.  Why do I like this?

She realized Vendeen watched her closely.  She couldn’t lower her gaze from his when he hadn’t given permission, but her shoulders hunched up.  Raven wanted to hide more than anything right now.

Her master’s smile softened just a touch.  “Don’t look so humiliated by your delightful responses, my lovely.  I do not take pleasure from playing with those who don’t also enjoy it.”

With that he opened his pants and eased them down his hips.  His cock bounced out of its enclosure, magnificently erect.  Raven’s mouth watered to see it only inches away, though her eyes remained locked on Vendeen’s.  

“May I look?” she asked.

“You may.”

Her eager gaze took in the thick, veined penis.  She only looked, but she knew how velvety soft the smooth, round head of him would be against her tongue.  How his pulse would pound along the length of his shaft.  The way he would heat her mouth.  As he continued to push his pants down his thighs, the entirety of it came into view.

Raven blinked at the gleam of golden metal at the base of his cock.  It seemed a larger, thicker version of the rings tormenting her nipples.  He wore his cockring.

Vendeen took himself in hand and gave his cock a lazy stroke.  “You may use your mouth on me now.”

Refusing to acknowledge the eager surge of heat in her pussy at his words, Raven leaned forward.  Vendeen angled his penis so he could rub the heated head over her lips.  She let her tongue peek out for a taste as she inhaled his scent:  pure, masculine strength.  He smelled different from Todd.  Todd always had a good, clean smell to him, a little salty and fresh.  

Vendeen however, smelled wild.  Dark.  Primal.  His taste was just as unabashedly male to her.  She swirled her tongue over his cockhead before closing her lips over the rounded end.  She kissed his prick with fervor, making him moan and jerk gratifyingly.

He’s not the only one who can make a person squirm, she thought.

Raven mouthed her way down to the smooth constriction of his cockring.  Rolling her eyes back to look in Vendeen’s heavy-lidded gaze, she ran her tongue up slowly back up to the tip of his cock where a bead of white fluid waited for her.  She carefully claimed it, her eyes still on Vendeen’s as she accepted the delicate drop.

“By all of creation,” he groaned.  “You are the sweetest death a man can have.”

Raven supposed that was meant to be a compliment, so she took it as such.  She set to work with a will, wanting to make him squirm some more.

She kissed the rigid length of his shaft, wetting it down, and then swirled her tongue over his cockhead.  She sucked hard to make her cheeks dimple.  She then opened her mouth wide and sank down to take as much of him in as she could.

Vendeen grunted and stiffened all over in reaction.  Raven bobbed her head up and down, feeling how smoothly he ran against her tongue, now fast, now slow, now pausing far down, now nearly releasing him and waiting until he strained upward before sucking him down again.

“Enough!”  Vendeen used her hair to tug her off him.  “All right, my servant, you have had your fun.  Now go to the bed and lie face down with that beautiful ass in the air.”

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