Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Michaela (M/I/M/M)

Michaela writhed in desperation, trying to claim the two cocks that entered too slowly for her liking. “More,” she insisted, fighting the chains that kept her from claiming Raxstad in one shove. “More, Raxstad.”

“Easy, little lover,” he growled, his heavy brow beetling with effort. “I’m right on the verge. Damn it, she’s so tight!”

“But soft too,” Korkla sighed. “She feels wonderful.”

He leaned down to give Michaela’s breast a lingering kiss. The warm, moist contact sent fervor spilling into her belly. She shoved her groin at Raxstad and her chest at the other two. It was as if her pussy had not climaxed with the Dramok. It clamored for another release.

“Feel free to relieve yourself quickly,” Govi moaned to Raxstad, watching her gyrate. “It’s agony waiting.”

“You don’t have to,” Korkla told his Imdiko. “I’m sure Michaela would be glad to offer you her mouth.”

“I’d like that, but I want to enjoy the rest. I’ve never had a woman so similar to our species.”

“Then you’ll have to practice the same control our Nobek is attempting to maintain.” Korkla grinned with menace.

His hand shot out and grasped Govi’s front cock. The Imdiko yelped.

“Damn it, Korkla! What the hell are you doing?”

The Dramok tugged carefully at Govi’s sex. “Michaela wants a taste. Don’t you, sweetling?”

Michaela groaned. Raxstad was now deep inside her. The thickness of him in her pussy and ass had him rubbing hard against that bright sweet spot inside her female sheath, sending delicious thrills up and down her spine. The Nobek moved back and forth slowly, his teeth gritted in an effort to not lose control. Even so, the friction was mindblowing. Bright flashes like lightning kept flaring over Michaela’s vision.

Govi moved to straddle her face, cutting off the exciting sight of Raxstad fucking her. Korkla still had hold of the Imdiko’s cock, pulling it down towards Michaela’s lips.

“Come on Govi, get down where she can enjoy you in her mouth. Your Matara wants it. Open up, Michaela. Taste that big, beautiful cock.”

The scent of spicy Kalquorian arousal mingled with the mind-stealing aroma of the flowers. Michaela inhaled deeply of it and cried out with excitement. She opened her mouth, inviting Govi in.

Korkla guided his panting Imdiko to her lips. Michaela ran her tongue over the tip of Govi’s wet cock and was awarded a delicious blast of sweet-salty-spiciness. She lifted her head to suck on the tapered appendage. Govi yelled.

Korkla changed his grip to the Imdiko’s secondary cock, moving it carefully so that it didn’t stab Michaela in the throat. From the corner of her eye, she saw how he grinned. 

“That’s right, my pretty pair. I knew you’d be gorgeous together.”

Govi’s hips dipped low so that he filled Michaela’s mouth with his cock. He stopped just as she was on the verge of gagging on his length and slid back out. He pressed in carefully once more. Back out. In.

A fresh wave of heat enveloped Michaela’s body. Govi fucked her mouth. Raxstad fucked her ass and pussy. Her whole body received what it had wanted for so long, and she gloried in it. Even her cock, depleted so recently, filled with fresh desire.

She thought her insides must be made of lava. She burned hot, like molten rock liquefying and dripping fire. Every cell was alight, blazing with all the power of Plasius’ two suns.

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